Compact, Portable, Software-encrypted Toshiba XS700 Mobile Solid State Drive, with Excellent Small File Transfer Performance

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Compact, Portable, Software-encrypted Toshiba XS700 Mobile Solid State Drive, with Excellent Small File Transfer Performance

    For freelance players used to shooting with mobile phones and old and manic players of King of Glory, something they must deal with daily is to copy the pictures and videos in the phone in time in case of insufficient phone memory.

    Compared with the iPhone, Android phones are more convenient in copying files, and what it need is a patch cord to realize the intercommunication with external storage devices. As the volume of photos and videos continues to increase, the TF cards, SD cards, and U disks that were originally used with mobile phones have already turned out to be insufficient in capacity. So players turn to a mobile hard disk with a larger capacity.
    The mobile hard drive, a digital accessory that has long been needed, is first designed for document-copying and carrying. In addition to working with mobile phones, it has other functions for game players and audio-visual players, that is copy files from desktops and notebooks in time; store those 60G+ large-scale game downloaded from other places; 3. to be used as a download disk with a router or NAS to complete offline downloads; 4. to directly connect it to such devices as smart routers, TV boxes or NAS for local area network file sharing; 5. to work with smart TVs, TV boxes and other devices to play Video and picture files copied internally.
    In daily office use and frequent business trips, users may focus more on the mobile hard drive’ s ability to read the information more quickly, thus eliminating the dependence on the network, and the trouble of network downloads and connecting to the company network remotely. On the other hand, there are also requirements for the security of the data, that is to ensure that the internal data of the hard disk is safe and cannot be easily read by others. Therefore, the encrypt ability of the mobile hard disk has become a part that must be considered in choosing and purchasing a mobile hard drive, be it physical encryption or software encryption. 
    No matter what kind of scene it is used, we must consider its reading and writing performance. The mobile hard disk users have experienced the transformation from traditional mechanical hard disk to solid state hard disk and the hard disk box interface from USB2.0 to USB3.0 and TYPE-C. Most of these mobile hard drives are self-built mobile hard drives, that is, they buy hard drive boxes and hard drives to build mobile hard drive, which can be disassembled and replaced easily. But such hard drives are mainly mechanical hard drives with large capacity and ordinary reading and writing performance, so it could be better to use with the solid state drive. After all, in transmitting data, the solid state drive is more advantageous than the mechanical hard drive in the read and write performance. Meanwhile, the solid state drive is equipped with lager capacities.
    Compared with self-built mobile hard disks, mobile hard disks of bid brand have certain advantages in safety and anti-drop design and can be used with corresponding software to realize automatic backup, encryption and other practical functions. Given the current SSD price and the hardware configuration of your own computer, you can choose a mobile hard disk with a built-in SSD and a standard TYPE-C interface. What about Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state drive? It provide 480G capacity for selection, a three-year warranty and free replacement service; its flash memory uses Toshiba's own 3D BiCS FLASH, and the advertised read speed is 550MB/s and writing speed 500MB/s; its interface type adopts the mainstream Type-C USB3.1 GEN2 and supports UASP mode; it can be used with SSD Utility, SSD management software  to achieve data encryption.  All that sound good, but how is the actual performance?
    Compared with other mobile hard disks, Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state hard disk is much smaller in size, with a volume of only 95*75*11 mm, lightly larger than the volume of a credit card. Its body is made of ABS material with certain shock resistance, and its front applies frosted spraying process, which are slip-resistant and scratch-resistant.
  Toshiba XS700 mobile solid state hard drive is not in traditional square shape. The bottom is designed in a style similar to the bottom of a bowl and apply the skin-like process, different from the frosted spraying process on the front. Meanwhile the Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state hard drive are screwless. Meanwhile, there is no anti-skid pad or screw at the bottom.
    In addition, the Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state hard drive is extremely tight, thanks to the use of the upper and lower two-layer laminating process and the CNC switching process. The four peripheral corners of the Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state hard drive are all curved to prevent bumps and make it more rounded and beautiful. The ring in the upper right corner of the hard drive is the status indicator. Compared with the indicator on the side of some mobile hard drives, the indicator on the front is more convenient to watch, and to check the running status of the hard drive. The Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state drive adopts the mainstream TYPE-C interface design. The external power supply of this 480G Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state drive can reach 5V~1A. As for the peripheral accessories, there is a USB3.1 GEN2 TYPE-C to TYPE-A original cable, a TYPE-A to TYPE-C adapter, which can be used with cell phones and laptops, desktop computers with TYPE-C interface.
    Mobile hard drives of our brand can be used directly, in which some official software will be reserved, and users do not need to format the hard drive. The default format of the Toshiba XS700 mobile solid state drive is exFAT rather than the common NTFS. The total capacity and available space are both 447G, and no software is pre-installed in the hard drive.
    Toshiba XS700 mobile solid state drive has its own management software, called SSD Utility, which you can download in the official website-- website of Toshiba China.
    The SSD Utility can only recognize Toshiba specific models of mobile hard drives and it does not provide automatic backup of local or cloud disks. This software has three core functions: firmware upgrading, encrypting SSD, recording the operation log; the latter two are very practical for people who have to protect the safety of hard disk data.
    So is this encryption function useful? Does it support encryption of specific files, folders, or other? Can the hard disk be formatted directly after encryption?
    Encryption works on the entire SSD. If you has set password, when plug it into the computer, you will not see the drive letter of the Toshiba XS700 mobile solid-state hard drive in computer. If the SSD Utility is not installed, a prompt box for password will not pop up but a prompt reminding the disk must be formatted.
    To make a brief summary, the current mobile hard drive has long been one of the essential items for computer users. Whether ordinary users or photographers, game players or business people, they have to use mobile hard drives. Currently, traditional mobile mechanical hard disks have transitioned to mobile solid state hard drives, with great improvement in the reading and writing performance, and the interface has already been promoted to the USB3.1 TYPE-C interface. Compared with self-built mobile hard disk, the mobile hard disk of the big brand is not difficult to disassemble, to replace the hard disk, but the advantage is that there are always corresponding software that can be matched with it, such as encryption And automatic backup, and it also works well in anti-shock and anti-drop. After all, for mobile hard disks, the stability of data reading and writing and the security of data are perfectly important.
Toshiba's XS700 mobile solid-state hard drive provides three-year renewal after-sales service. With SSD Utility; it can encrypt hard drives and permanently erase data, which can meet the needs of people who have certain requirements for data security. The storage capacity of 480G can meet the daily data transfer requirements, and at the same time, work stably in reading and writing, especially in reading and writing small files. But it should be noted that the storage bag does not contain the packaging, that the adapter it provide can not rival the double-head TYPE-C cable in performance.