Evaluation of Mobile SSD: Seagate Ultra Touch SSD

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2020-10-05

Evaluation of Mobile SSD: Seagate Ultra Touch SSD
The rapid advance of NAND FLASH particle technology is now promoting the trend of miniaturization of external memory whose volume is as tiny as a credit card but has a memory of terabytes. The price of memories of gigabytes is now dropping, which prompts users to consider on smaller, faster-moving external solid-state drives. The concept of mobile and external memory has been redefined.

Seagate has a raft of portfolios of external mobile SSDS, such as the Expansion SSD of the original design with USB3.0 interface, the BarraCuda Fast SSD with self-defined LED lighting and the One Touch SSD with a digital lifestyle style. Seagate provides a wide range of external SSD memory for customers with different needs.

As USB-C (Type-C) ports become more common on PCs, laptops and mobile devices, Seagate hopes to make the compact One Touch SSD more accessible to USB-C users. Restoring the One Touch SSD’s illustrious braided fabric design, we launched the Ultra Touch SSD with a USB-C interface (Chinese name:Xiaobaobei, which means “cute baby” in Chinese). This is an external solid-state drive that prominent in both performance and design. It is also the first external solid-state drive which has a special facing and compact size. 

Compatible with Android device backup
Seagate has led the aesthetic degree of external solid-state drives. Its fabric design and usage of colors makes this Ultra Touch mobile external SSD extremely recognizable, and makes it unique while other mobile SSD products use brushed metal and solid - black color.
Seagate Ultra Touch has USB-C interface (TYPE-C), which enable it to support PC, Mac data backup and Android devices with USB-C interface. For most mobile phone users who like to take pictures, backing up video through this function could greatly free up their phone’s limited storage space. You can quickly backup data for Android devices, PCs and MAC OS systems through this all-flash solid-state drive with USB3.0 type-C interface.
Seagate Ultra Touch mobile SSD is available in 500GB and 1TB capacity, and its fabric provides two colors (black or white) for users to choose from. The striking Seagate LOGO embodies its advanced technology. Ultra Touch mobile SSD provides users with different interfaces such as USB-C and USB-A, making it easy for users to quickly switch between different devices and operating platforms.
Abundant additional software services
The Ultra Touch mobile SSD is compatible with both Windows and MAC OS, and it can be used right after opening the packing. The Type-C interface can also be converted into USB. Seagate always provides users with abundant additional software services of the mobile memory. Sync Plus is a function of the Seagate Toolkit. And besides Seagate Ultra Touch mobile SSD, currently, it can only support Seagate One Touch Color portable SSD series and Seagate’s LaCie Rugged SSD Pro. Sync Plus provides continuous data synchronization backups for Windows systems, which ensures that a backup copy of a specified file is always available on the external memory device.
For Android phone users, they only need to connect Seagate Ultra Touch to the phone through type-C interface, install the “Seagate Mobile Touch” app to back up the documents, music, photos and videos in the phone globally or back up some specified files. The maximum backup enables users to back up data and release memory on the Android system at their disposal.
Seagate offers a free one-year subscription to the Mylio Create program to help you better manage your photos stored on a portable SSD, and you can also arrange them by date and add a cover. The Mylio supports Windows, MAC OS, Android and IOS, allowing you to effectively archive and organize your photos from different devices.
Adobe Creative Cloud is a photography program in which Adobe provides licensed Photoshop and Lightroom Classic to photographers in China, and Seagate offers users a free subscription of this program for two months. The high frequency of using Photoshop and Lightroom of photographers also shows Seagate’s circumspection in providing value-added services.
This is Seagate’s second portable solid-state drive with a size of a credit card and myotropic fabrics, which makes it worthy of its name. Belying its compact volume, it can provide a max all-flash memory capacity of 1TB. Matching with USB 3.0 interface, it can provide speeds of 400MB/s for both reading and writing, which can reduce the waiting time of users when copying and transferring data. The type-C interface attached with the product can be quickly adapted to various Android devices, and those well-rounded backup applications make Seagate Ultra Touch a device with extremely high added value.
The Seagate Ultra Touch portable SSD has a nominal average read/write rate of 400MB/s, so we decided to verify the accuracy of the official data by using testing software of usual SSD and external portable memory, and we chose Crystal Disk Mark, ATTO Disk Benchmark and Fast Copy.
According to the test data, the Ultra Touch portable SSD has a maximum sequential reading speed of 443MB/s and a maximum sequential writing speed of 404MB/s, which owe to the advantage of flash particles when reading 10GB all-flash shard files. It takes only half a minute to read all the 10GB shard files, which can greatly reduce the waiting time during our daily batch data copying.
Backup and efficiency are epitomes of Seagate’s Ultra Touch Portable SSD. Backup makes the data storage become more intelligent, automatic and diversified. The all-flash frame can offer an effective storage of data and make it applicable to more scenarios, providing a secure and efficient digital life. The application of fabric materials makes this digital product more accustomed to users, and also shows Seagate’s consideration and ingenuity in users’ experience in different scenarios. With its compact size, stable all-flash frame and intimate fabric, the Seagate UltraTouch portable SSD take the cake due to a raft of memory technologies and a keen insight of market, and it can attract more maverick and individualized players of the Generation Z.