Evaluations of Plextor M9P Plus: Stable and Fast

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2020-09-07

Evaluations of Plextor M9P Plus: Stable and Fast

At present, the speed of hard drives finally matches network speed.
Plextor M9P Plus which is not only stable but also fast has been released recently.

When it comes to Plextor this brand, people must be familiar with it. In the early stage of hard drive, Plextor has already launched several hard drives popular with people. Now, the number of manufacturers and brands on the SSD market increasingly increases. Certainly, the more manufacturers and brands participate in, the lower price of SSDs. However, Plextor also keeps pace with times. The flagship product SSD M9Pe of Plextor had been released for two years. Plextor before long launches a new type of SSD Plextor M9P Plus. The major changes of Plextor M9P Plus this time are to upgrade main control and exchange flash memory. Are you looking forward to it? The overall hardware equipment is not bad, but what are the specific changes? Follow my steps and explore together!

Package design

First of all, the package of Plextor M9P Plus is similar to M9P. There is still a turbine engine logo in the package of both Plextor M9P Plus and M9P. The backside of this package respectively lists three different specifications of M9P Plus, 256GB, 512GB and 1TB. I purchase the Plextor M9P Plus with 512GB capacity this time. Actually, the performance of 512GB is similar to 1TB and the performance of 512GB is better than 256GB.

The Plextor M9P Plus can be seen after unpacking. The appearance of Plextor M9P Plus this time adopts black PCB instead of green PCB, which not only looks more noble, but also reduces a sense of “cheapness”. The package of Plextor M9P Plus still looks beautiful. At the same time, the major change of this time is to put the information label on the back, which not only clearly distinguishes main control, cache and flash memory, but also benefits  heat-sink. By the way, it is of great importance for heat-sink. If the label is putted on the front, it is likely to cause performance degradation due to the poor heat-sink.

In the meantime, the other characteristic of Plextor M9P Plus lies in its excellent main control board. Plextor M9P Plus uses Marvell 88SS 1092. As we know, Marvell is popular with people. The main control this time reaches flagship standard. The 28nm process can support a maximum capacity of 8TB. Of course, many Plextor products have also taken advantage of this main control which is equipped with stable performance and its DRAM interface supports the capacity of 8G. As a result, the gradation of performance is not just a little bit but a leap-forward improvement. 

The cache chip of this Plextor M9P Plus adopts NANYA chip with a capacity of 512MB and a frequency of LPDDR3-1866.

This SSD uses flash memory particle from Toshiba’s original factory. This is a 96-layer 3D NAND of Toshiba with a single chip of 256GB, two chips with a capacity of 256GB in support of 8-channel transportation and equipped with stable performance.

Using test

The level of 4K performance affects our daily experience, and can reflect the performance of the product to a large extent, and I tested this Plextor M9P Plus. I am going to use common SSD software to test the performance of Plextor M9P Plus. Let us know about the performance of Mi notebook.

Continue to know about the read and write performance of MacBook Pro

Although, the speed of MAC we tested above has not reached the ideal value, there are no huge change in the results of reading and writing so that we needn’t worry about deceleration.
Next, let us know about all types of performance tests of desktops.
When we plug the hard drive directly into the main control and look at the data again, I am amazed at it!

AS SSD Benchmark Test

In the test of CDM, I also do some tests on it. Through the test, the data reading speed of Plextor M9P Plus keeps stable in which the sequential reading can reach 3456MB/s and the sequential writing can achieve 2229MB/s. It is clearly that the speed rate of Plextor M9P Plus is still in a stable state and its performance is very powerful.


In terms of this new type of Plextor M9P Plus, the performance of it is outstanding among products at the same price. Under supports from Marvell 88SS 1092 main control board and 96-layer 3D NAND of Toshiba, the read and write speed have made a great improvement and the current 3D NAND process technology is very mature, such as the usage in our daily lives for its performance and speed. But, it is a pity that we can find some problems that if it is used for a long time, it is still a bit hot, but the label is attached to the backside and doesn’t affect the heat dissipation. If it can be used with the heat sink, the effect may be better.  The other problem is that the use of adapter hard disk enclosures will seriously affect the performance of the disk. If you intend to play its greatest role and performance, you had better to plug it directly into the main board.

It is worth mentioning that there is power-off protection on this SSD. For example, when using a computer, there may be blue screens and crashes. Of course, it is unpredictable if such a situation occurs. If it is not saved in time, the data will be gone. but the power-off protection function can be very effective in protecting data and ensuring data integrity on M9P Plus. It will automatically save even if the blue screen occurs suddenly. In general, this SSD on the market is still worth buying. Of course, the price is not very expensive. If the price meets your budget, an SSD like this is still very good. If you have budget limit, you can choose Plextor M9P Plus which can help you solve budget problem.