Integration of Science and Technology and the Spirit of China’s Space Industry: Cross-border Cooperation Between Western Digital and Space Culture and Innovation (CASCI)

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2020-09-24

Integration of Science and Technology and the Spirit of China’s Space Industry: Cross-border Cooperation Between Western Digital   and Space Culture and Innovation (CASCI)
China has successfully launched “Tianwen-1”, first Mars exploration mission of China, and will continue to carry out scientific exploration of the surface of Mars in the future. In the meanwhile, the cross-border cooperation between Western Digital and Space Culture and Innovation (CASCI) has emerged, which aims at breaking the limit of technology and explore more secrets of space.

The greatest achievement was made by China’s space industry after decades of development and generations of intensive research. The development of Western Digital is quiet similar to that of China’s space industry. Western Digital has been continuously creating innovation, constantly breaking the boundaries of technologies and steadily providing advanced solutions for customers, so as to satisfy users’ needs for higher performance and to better take advantage of data storage resource to create more values. Recently, brand WD of Western Digital Corp has released a new My Passport SSD with a capacity of 2T. This SSD meets consumers’ demands from all aspects, including metal appearance, high efficiency, large capacity and encryption protection over the past half of century.

In order to contribute to China’s space industry and respond yo Chinese high-quality development strategy, the cross-border cooperation was made between Western Digital and CASCI, aimed at promoting innovation of science and technology in China, achieving high-quality data storage and service for analysis transmission and facilitating continuously stability and efficiency of data process to realize the values created by data.

WD has been constantly upgrading the product designs and integrating into the spirit of China’s space. The new My Passport SSD released by WD takes advantage of metal shell design, which makes mobile storage devices more stylish and fashion and scientific products more artistically aesthetic. This design breaks through the traditional form of product design and its smooth feeling allows consumers to put it in bags or pockets anywhere to realize constantly high-efficient daily work and life.

With their tenacious fighting spirit, countless spacemen have overcome various technical difficulties and made breakthroughs in China’s space industry. As a leading brand in mobile storage industry, Western Digital has continued to explore and owned relatively 14,000 effective patents, providing strong supports for product innovation of Western Digital. The My Passport SSD launched by WD with a capacity of 2T provides a large capacity of storage space for users. According to statistics released by IDC, the amount of data created by the whole world in 2019 had exceeded 45ZB. Data has already changed from by-products of digital life to driving engine of global economy through which human society creates unprecedented values.

At present, people need more large-capacity storage space than ever and they need to carry these files anywhere to help they improve productivity. This new My Passport SSD is equipped with efficient transmission and strong performance in transferring files and editing high-quality content, which can effectively improve creators’ writing efficiency. Whether you use a laptop or desktop computer at home, in the office or go outside, content creators all can safely store their data.

The achievements made in the space industry closely connected with the hard work of Chinese astronauts day and night to realize the exploration of space. Similarly, WD has been a powerful driver of industry change through its tireless efforts over the years to make its products more comprehensive and nuanced. My Passport SSD of WD adopts NVMe technology with a maximum read speed of 1050MB per second and a maximum write speed of 1000MB per second, which can help family and company users to visit, store and protect data more efficiently.

With the development of time and technology, space materials and processes are also constantly making breakthroughs in innovation, helping mankind to explore the infinite space. In terms of R&D investment in product technology and materials, Western Digital has been at the forefront of the industry, focusing on improving the durability of its products. My Passport SSD of WD pursues for higher shock resistance and vibration. The anti-fall performance of up to 6.5 feet (1.98 meters) is suitable for you to carry it out in any harsh and complex environment without fear of damage. In addition, in terms of data security protection, My Passport SSD can an effectively protect sensitive information from leaking. Users only need to enable the 256-bit AES hardware encryption password to easily protect important data content.

As the leader in the filed of data storage, Western Digital provides innovative storage technology and solutions for users to access, store, visit and transfer increasingly diverse data. The principle of this cross-border cooperation between Western Digital and CASCI aims at adhering to  the spirit of ingenuity, innovating R&D technology, determining to polish products and leading the benchmark of The Times. With data everywhere, Western Digital is committed to providing industry-leading solutions to explore the possibilities of data.