More Stronger NVMe Product Portfolio Helps Enterprises Meet Demands of the Swiftly Changing Market

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2020-09-13

More Stronger NVMe Product Portfolio Helps Enterprises Meet Demands of the Swiftly Changing Market

  2020 is the year of the changes of the global market, the continues effects generated by COVID-19 had triggered to a sharp increase in the amount of remote data, such as video conferences. The increase in the need of exchanging data across different regions have dramatically enlarged pressure on cloud data canter so that enterprises had to increase a large number of resources to meet demands on online office, remote education and video conference and drive the rapid development of storage market.


To Cope with the Change

   Dramatically changing market is both a challenge and opportunity. Under this circumstance, Western Digital Corp has already made a large amount of technical reserves, aiming to pursue innovation, maintain its leading position in technology and market to better cope with the changes. Western Digital Corp has own 14,000 valid patents. In addition, Western Digital Corp is the first corporation to have 96-layer and 64-layer 3D NAND in the NAND field and put two technologies into mass production. Western Digital Corp yields chips with a capacity of 1.33TB based on 96-layer of QLC and possesses chip based on Charge—Trap technology with a capacity of 256GB and 512GB. Last year, Western Digital Corp had acquired NVMe over Fabrics and Kazan Networks, provider of next-generation data center architecture adapters on September. This year, on “Leading the future trend of data center -- Western Data enterprise storage solutions new release conference” held on summer, Western Digital Corp has released enterprise-class Ultrastar DC SN840 NVMe SSD referred to as SN840 below, hard drive with high-performance. At the same time, Open Flex Data24 NVME-OF JBOF, flash storage expansion cabinet, was launched to fill the gap in the domestic NVME-OF market and bring an open and composite decomposition infrastructure (CDI) on Open Flex solution for domestic enterprise users.

  We take the opportunity to interview Mr. Liu Gang, vice president and general manager of Western Digital Corp of China operations. We discussed with him in-depth the layout of Western Digital Corp’s enterprise-level NVMe SSD and its role in the rapidly changing market trends.

Demand for High Performance

  In 2018, about 32 ZB data produced around the world, which is expected to reach 143 ZB in 2024 in which 25 percent data comes from China. A large amount of new data is generated in AI, online transaction, real-time data analysis and other applications. Most of them are stored in public clouds and data center. The requirements for performance and the reliability of memory far exceed traditional applications, such as cloud storage and streaming media. How does enterprise cope with the demand gap for high performance? Mr.Liu Gang pointed out that low latency, high IOPS and high bandwidth becomes “urgent demand”, which requires more high-performance computing products, and NVMe SSD is doubtlessly the best “carrier” to solve this problem.

NVMe has Contributed to the Development of SSDs

  The NVMe agreement jointly formulated by Western Digital, Microsoft, Intel, Samsung and other giants remains the main agreement support toward future center, which can better meet the requirements of SSD for high bandwidth and exerts its high IOPS characteristics. According to analyst IDC, IT organizations serving ultra-large cloud customers, OEMs, and end users will continue to move away from the traditional SATA and SAS interfaces. In 2020, NVMe is expected to account for more than 55 percent of total enterprise-class PCIe SSD shipments, and will continue to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38% from 2018 to 2023. Liu Gang indicated that over a year ago, NVMe SSD had already become the largest category in data centers surpassing SATA SSD. At present, it is to be the leading category of SSDS in data centers exceeding the sum of SATA and SAS SSD. It is estimated that from the compound annual growth rate of NVMe SSD will reach 41percent from 2020 to 2023.

NVMe SSD Portfolio

  In terms of different industries and application platforms, the data centers and servers have different requirements for storage performance, capacity, and cost. All the factors have been taken into consideration. Western Digital Corp launches NVMe SSD Portfolio. At this conference, Western Digital Corp releases SN840, new enterprise-class NVMeSSD, to further enrich enterprise-class NVMe SSD products line Western Digital Corp has already launched and meet users’ requirements for different usage scenarios and provide better total cost of ownership.

  Recently, Western Digital Corp has released Ultrastar DC NVMe SSD SN340 and SN640. Among them, Ultrastar DC SN340 NVMe SSD is a product targeted at 90 percent read-oriented data. While optimizing power efficiency and low heating, it also optimizes CDN, video storage server and storage scene. Ultrastar DC SN640 NVMe SSDS are aimed at mainstream server and cloud products, more suitable for use in 70 percent or 30 percent read-write mixed workloads and mixed work scenarios, including database, virtualization and other enterprise-class application scenarios. The new SN840 is a product designed to meet high-performance application scenarios, aimed to step up cloud computing, ensure server runs loaded with critical business applications, and provide high-availability external storage solutions that will offer the best performance for enterprise storage. 

  As the third-generation solution for Western Digital Corp, SN840 has integrated vertically internal NVMe controllers, firmware, and 96-layer 3D TLC NAND technology in which the applied controller technology comes form SN640, but the channels are increased from 8 to 16, using hot-pluable U-2 interfaces, enabling up to 780K or 250K random read and write IOPS and 15.36TB capacity. At the same time, SN840 also has high durability level and dual port design and comprehensive power loss protection and TCG encryption.

Leading Future Development

  Judging from the current rapidly increasing demand, the future enterprise-class NVMe SSD market will doubtlessly be a competition of comprehensive strength. Through the advantage of vertical integration capability, Western Digital Corp self owns NAND grain production capacity, independent research and development in the upstream of SSD and covers all kinds of memory. In the downstream, Open Flex Data 24 NVMe JBOF provides enterprise customers with more diverse solutions. Combined with Western Digital Corp cultivated memory market experience for many years, we believe in the future enterprise-class SSD market, Western Digital Corp will continue to lead data storage industry.