Elifor introduction


Electronic & lightning information offers storage information for developers and enterprises, including spot prices, latest news, market analysis and relative knowledge.

Elifor is one online information site providing technology, knowledge, development and news of Flash Memory products. It is mainly talking about bulk Micro SD, SD Card, USB Chip, SSD, and Flash Wafer, especially concerning with their quotes, supply, demand, development and latest technical trend.

With these updated information, it will introduce the real market of Flash Storage and help customers know well of storage products. The advantage of Elifor is to follow the market closely, bring industry trends in time, and do analysis of information accurately. And particularly the daily price of Flash Memory draws a vivid tendency of this market; it guides customers to do right order.

Elifor also attracts many customers to do promotion here. It is a good platform for online advertising exposure. Such as the bulk Micro SD Manufacturer, Gift USB Drive Wholesaler and Flash Wafer supply, etc., these are all our clients to share and promote their products.


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