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Can compare with the 7nm differentiation scheme? Global Foundry launches 12LP+ process

Global Foundry has quitted the 7nm production and mainly focus on the 12LP+ process. This is because the 3D packaging has become the center of development. Also, the market share of Global Foundry in the second quarter has dropped. The 12LP+ process can not only provide customers with most of the performance and power advantages they want from the 7nm process, but is also more cos effective.

Analysis of how much capacity of an SSD is the best deal

The rationality of hard disk partitioning cannot be generalized. After all, our needs are different. We need to set reasonable and optimal partitions according to individual’s need. For example, if there are more game programs, we can partition more for the game disk; if there are less software or little common software, we can partition less for the software disk.

If uncharged for a year, will SSD lose data?

SSD uses floating gate transistors and internal electrons to save data. And the storage medium NAND Flash can help prevent data loss even if uncharged for a long time, it is safe to store data in SSD. However, the high temperature may cause data loss. The author recommend us to use SSD properly.

What are the advantages of SSD solid state drives? Detailed explanation of the advantages and disadvantages of adding SSD solid state drive to a computer

The SSDs have many advantages over mechanical hard disk. SSDs are lighter and smaller, also it can resist shock. What’s more, SSDs operate faster with less heat generation. But SSDs have lower capacity and is more expensive.

The Battle of 14nm has Another Meanings.

The 28nm process is already oversupplied. At this time, the 14nm process carries the manufacturing of most middle and high-end chips on the market and 14nm has become the backbone.

5 most expensive chips in the world, which is worth the value of a house

Chips are the most important components in semiconductor industry. Despite its traditional qualities like high-speed computing, storage, logic capabilities, collaborative processing, and many other high performances, a chip need to be flat enough, reinforced, heat dissipated, and can resist high temperature before it can be applied in aerospace or in military use. Since it’s a world class mystery to make such a chip, the US and European countries have invested heavily in this field, and have strict control over its shipment. Since China is their main rival, it is hard to buy one to China.

Refusing to Cheat: How Does the Hundreds of Erasing Lives of TLC Flash Memory Become 3,000 Times?

The development of flash memory is accompanied by advances in error correction technology. The improvement of the error correction effect enables the high-quality original TLC flash memory to be erased to 3,000 times.

An evaluation about Drobo 8D intelligent hard drive array

Most storage arrays use either all hard drives or all solid state drives. The Drobo 8D delivers the best of both worlds by intelligently combing hard drives and solid state drives to deliver both capacity and performance. Compared to installing hard drives in a computer chassis, Drobo 8D provides a more flexible way to combine hard drives, so users do not need to learn how to install hard drives.

How Can We Achieve the Lowest Failure Rate in NAND Flash-based Systems?

Every company has its own solution, but Hyperstone has developed its own error correction engine to reduce the failure rate in NAND flash-based systems.

Types and Comparative Analysis of NAND Flash

There are three main types of NAND flash: SLC, MLC and TLC, and another type of NAND flash is called 3D NAND. All major flash manufacturers are actively working on different ways to reduce the cost per bit of flash.

Why is the gap between MLC and SLC SSD so big, although they belong to NAND Flash technology?

MLC NAND flash memory stores 2 bits of data in each cell, while SLC NAND store 1bit in each cell. The higher density means lower cost and more complex programs and read circuits. Because of its unique structure and device characteristics, MLC NAND Flash is more sensitive to interference. It is important to remember that although MLC NAND has some advantages in high density and low cost, it still has low performance, low durability and low reliability. Therefore, industrial applications usually use SLC NAND as memory.

Identifying Logo of Flash Memory to Find the Manufacturers: to Distinguish Between True and False Flash Memory

This article mainly introduces the white particles of flash memory and how to identify the original manufacturers from the logo, and the fake method of flash memory.

Price of DRAM falls again, setting a record in recent nine years.

According to latest survey of DRAMeXchange, DRAM prices will continue to decline due to oversupply and weak demand. At present, most of market share of memory are mastered by three large companies, namely Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron. The speed of decreasing or increasing production is different, easy to cause legal problem of monopoly. Fortunately, it is generally believed that market conditions will recover with increasing demand in the second half of the year.

Differences among DRAM, SDRAM, and SRAM
The article mainly introduces differences among DRAM, SDRAM, and SRAM in detail. DRAM requires refreshing with large capacity, while SDRAM and SRAM not. In addition, the storage unit structure of them also be compared in the passage.
A brief introduction to the development of DDR memory

The article briefly introduces the development of memory DDR. Memory can be divided into RAM and ROM according to whether data is lost or not at power failure. In addition, RAM can further be divided into SRAM and DRAM. The development of SDRAM is from 30pin SIPP interface to 30pin SIMM or 72pin SIMM. It also briefly show the characters and application of asynchronous DRAM which can be divided into FPM DRAM and EDO DRAM. From DDR to DDR4, the data transmission rate is increasing and capacity is becoming larger and larger.

What is mobile ram? What’s the meanning of ram?

Mobile RAM RAM falls into SRAM and DRAM, which decides the speed of mobile system and running program. It’s features include random access, volitality, high accessing speed, need of refreshment and sensitive to static electricity.