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New discovery of solid state disk: use software to make exact detection of flash memory particle without removing shell

A foreign programmer developed the procedure for specific master Flash ID, which uses Read Flash ID to directly read ID in flash memory, then analyze type of flash memory in SSD.

Amethystum releases an optical storage data report: optical storage media as optimal solution for data storage in the future

With the explosive growth of data, how to save it cheaply and safely for a long time is a major and urgent problem for Chinese storage industry to solve. It’s expected that optical storage is the best solution for big data storage in the future. Under such environment, Amethystum is the only Chinese domestic enterprise to realize the autonomous control of the core technology of optical storage media, eliminating the technical monopoly of foreign companies.

Why does speed drop happen in TLC/QLC SSD?(end)

The upgrading of flash type from SLC to MLC, TLC and QLC results in a significant decline in performance, especially in write performance, due to more charge bits to save in every cell and increasing capacity. Garbage collection and TRIM can also affect performance reduction. But now, performance reduction caused by garbage collection and TRIM is much less. In addition, the more space solid state drive uses, the less they have left. It is detrimental to cache acceleration, resulting in bad performance. If you mind about speed drop, you have better choose MLC solid state drive or no less than 1TB solid state drive.

Why does speed drop happen in TLC/QLC SSD? (1)

Although solid state drive is popular in our daily life, it still has a disgusting problem, namely, declining performance. Experienced users should have experience it, while some people actually do not realize this problem. Let us talk about declining performance of solid state drive in this paper.

Chinese UNIC SSD with 1500 P/E erasing times may be launched

UNIS SSD with 1500 P/E is said to be launched recently, which uses their 64-layer 3D TLC flash memory.

How to choose a proper memory card?

Memory cards can be divided into CF cards, MMC cards, SD cards, memory sticks and so on. At present, there are several mainstream memory card identifications such as Class and UHS. UHS product is better than Class products but its price is also higher than the latter. In addition, many factors will contribute to various performances even in similar product serious. It is recommended that friends who are ready to buy memory cards choose famous brand products in order to avoid losing important data.

We can trust the quality of QLC SSD?

QLC SSD is the latest product to meet the demands of high capacity and low cost. It is the developing trend of SSD industry, although people have doubts and distrusts on it, it will prove its performance at the end. Finally the new technology will replace the old one, as if we take time to wait and test. It is the good sign of NAND flash market, no matter SSD or Micro SD Card; they will have more new solutions in future.

How to choose the Best Flash Array: a Guide to SSD hard disk purchase

With the gradual entry of flash products into data centers and the further increase of the utilization rate of flash memory, how to choose the best flash array becomes a major problem for users when they purchase enterprise-class flash memory and solid-state hard disk. This article not only discusses the common types of flash, full flash array and server-side flash, but also looks at each use case. It also describes in detail the decision points of flash purchase and the factors that should be taken into account when purchasing, so as to make investment more wise and efficient. Let's wait and see.

Learn about every aspect of photoresist (3)

This part introduces the evolution of photoresist from exposure source to film-forming material in detail. As time goes by, four types of photoresist have been developed by shrinking the line width of integrated circuits and continuously improving resolution, in order to meet various requirements.

Learn about every aspect of photoresist (1)

Photoresist is an etching-resistant film material whose solubility changes through irradiation or radiation of different light sources. As the core of lithography, photoresist play an important role in micro-fabrication technology. However, it’s hard to make breakthrough of research and development in photoresist.

Price of DRAM falls again, setting a record in recent nine years.

According to latest survey of DRAMeXchange, DRAM prices will continue to decline due to oversupply and weak demand. At present, most of market share of memory are mastered by three large companies, namely Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron. The speed of decreasing or increasing production is different, easy to cause legal problem of monopoly. Fortunately, it is generally believed that market conditions will recover with increasing demand in the second half of the year.

How to correctly select a micro SD card?

Insert micro SD card to expand additional storage space is a good choice to satisfy storage needs. The article gives some good advice to us for how to correctly select a micro SD card. Speed levels, application performance, brand reputation and user testing are important factors to be considered when purchasing micro SD cards.

How to exploit IO performance of NAND Flash

The passage mainly shows 3 kinds of concurrent execution units in NAND Flash chip, namely Device, Die, and Plane. By understanding internal structures and principles of these concurrent units, you may be will good at improving IO performance of NAND Flash.

Differences among DRAM, SDRAM, and SRAM
The article mainly introduces differences among DRAM, SDRAM, and SRAM in detail. DRAM requires refreshing with large capacity, while SDRAM and SRAM not. In addition, the storage unit structure of them also be compared in the passage.
A brief introduction to the development of DDR memory

The article briefly introduces the development of memory DDR. Memory can be divided into RAM and ROM according to whether data is lost or not at power failure. In addition, RAM can further be divided into SRAM and DRAM. The development of SDRAM is from 30pin SIPP interface to 30pin SIMM or 72pin SIMM. It also briefly show the characters and application of asynchronous DRAM which can be divided into FPM DRAM and EDO DRAM. From DDR to DDR4, the data transmission rate is increasing and capacity is becoming larger and larger.

What is mobile ram? What’s the meanning of ram?

Mobile RAM RAM falls into SRAM and DRAM, which decides the speed of mobile system and running program. It’s features include random access, volitality, high accessing speed, need of refreshment and sensitive to static electricity.