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Is the 32G memory phone enough to use? You may cry after reading this article.

The 64GB and 128GB phones have become mainstream on the market. Although you may feel 32GB phone is enough to use, bust with the size of apps and photos is getting larger and larger. Buying phones with larger capacity is necessary.

32GB single memory will be available soon, 16GB × 2 dual-channel will become mainstream configuration

According to the lasts report, ADATA, JEDEC have all launched their new 32Gb single DDR4 memory. As Micron and Samsung begin to massively produce 16 Gb DDR4 DRAM, the 32GB single memory will become the mainstream configuration.

Essential Skills to Upgrade Memory of Computer

Skills are needed when buying and upgrading memory for computer. It is essential to take the quality, compatibility and performance of memory into consideration.

Why two memory sticks of 8GB are better than one of 16GB?

Dual-channel memory is much faster than single-channel memory.

How will the difference between 16g and 32g of computer memory affect?
16G memory is good enough for our ordinary usage.
Is it true that the bigger SSD system space reservation is better?

Reserve space = (actual capacity - user capacity) / user capacity

Analysis of how much capacity of an SSD is the best deal

The rationality of hard disk partitioning cannot be generalized. After all, our needs are different. We need to set reasonable and optimal partitions according to individual’s need. For example, if there are more game programs, we can partition more for the game disk; if there are less software or little common software, we can partition less for the software disk.

The trends and challenges for High-capacity SSD
The driving force of large-capacity SSD: While ensuring high reliability, SSD has a qualitative leap in performance compared to HDD. With a storage demand, data center as a big customer is always pursuing efficiency and reducing TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).
Why SSDs with different capacity have different speeds?

Do you have any questions when choosing an SSD? Would SSD affect the speed when the brand, interface, computer configuration and other conditions are the same? Would it be better to choose a larger SSD?

What is the impact of China's first mass production of 64 layer 3D NAND flash memory chip?
The mass production is a good opportunity.
Over 50 years of development history of Flash Memory Technology.

Flash Memory is a technology that grows swiftly in response to the huge and rapidly changing storage market.

TSMC's 7nm capacity is full! The launch of AMD's new product is forced to delay for 2 months

TSMC is always at the top of the chip industry, as its 7nm process is in full capacity, it has start the process of more advanced technology, 2nm process, as well. The earliest time for 2nm product to enter the market is 2024.

The Battle of 14nm has Another Meanings.

The 28nm process is already oversupplied. At this time, the 14nm process carries the manufacturing of most middle and high-end chips on the market and 14nm has become the backbone.

5 most expensive chips in the world, which is worth the value of a house

Chips are the most important components in semiconductor industry. Despite its traditional qualities like high-speed computing, storage, logic capabilities, collaborative processing, and many other high performances, a chip need to be flat enough, reinforced, heat dissipated, and can resist high temperature before it can be applied in aerospace or in military use. Since it’s a world class mystery to make such a chip, the US and European countries have invested heavily in this field, and have strict control over its shipment. Since China is their main rival, it is hard to buy one to China.

An evaluation about Drobo 8D intelligent hard drive array

Most storage arrays use either all hard drives or all solid state drives. The Drobo 8D delivers the best of both worlds by intelligently combing hard drives and solid state drives to deliver both capacity and performance. Compared to installing hard drives in a computer chassis, Drobo 8D provides a more flexible way to combine hard drives, so users do not need to learn how to install hard drives.

Identifying Logo of Flash Memory to Find the Manufacturers: to Distinguish Between True and False Flash Memory

This article mainly introduces the white particles of flash memory and how to identify the original manufacturers from the logo, and the fake method of flash memory.