With the new era of SSD arriving, 2TB SSD can be sold cheap

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-18
3D QLC NAND flash is becoming the mainstream of SSD. In order to achieve better reading writing experience, you need bigger storage space as well. As manufacturers have developed better SSD product that is more durable and faster, the downward trend of price in the NAND market allows us to buy products in a cheaper price.

How big is the performance gap between 120G and 1TB SSD?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-17
This article introduces the different between 120GB SSD and 1TB SSD in read and write performance. Although with higher price, 1TB SSD have better performance than 120GB SSD. As the price of SSD fall, it is the right time to buy large capacity SSD now.

Which 1TB SSD to buy for laptop?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-16
This article introduce the reason to buy 1TB SSD and compare three 1tb SSDs performance.According to the test results, the Samsung 860PRO SSD is well-deserved for the high performance among the SATA SSD. In terms of price, the IndyD MX500 1TB SSD is attractive and performs very well. Of course, we should make the final decision about choosing 1tb SSD according to needs.

Why does the capacity of 1TB SSD shrink to 953GB? Does it turn corners in production?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-14
The article introduce the reason why 1tb SSD only has capacity of 953GB. Because there is OP reserved space in SSD, so the capacity is smaller.

1TB SSD Western Digital witnesses the infinite possibilities of high functional SSD

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-13
This article introduce the perfoamnce of Western Digital 1tb SSD, WD_BLACK SN750 NVMe SSD with radiator, which has maintained the best performance of standard version SSD.

Does SSD need outer covering? A brief about the influence of heat dissipation

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-12
Heat dissipation is very important to electrical components, especially for storage device. The SSD may generates high temperature while working. Some types of SSDs like M.2 use its covering as a heat sink, while the others use pure circuit storage to prevent heat from friction. By all means, we should buy SSDs that are able to cool themselves down, or do not generate heat.

The Battle of 14nm has Another Meanings.

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-10
The 28nm process is already oversupplied. At this time, the 14nm process carries the manufacturing of most middle and high-end chips on the market and 14nm has become the backbone.

What is a SSD?It is about the little knowledge the of SSDs

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-08
SSD can act as a boost in our computer, with an SSD, the operating speed of our computer can be improved dramatically. Since the SSD uses electrical current instead of magnate to save data, it can perform faster than mechanical hard disk. Though the TCL has the worst performance among the three kinds of particles that were used in SSD, it is practicality enough for our ordinary users to use. If yo...

Is 1tb SSD enough for gaming? how to choose capacity of SSD?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-05
As for how to choose the capacity of SSD, the first factor most people considering is cost-effective. Therefore, capacity choice is determined by your demand. If you have a need to play game with SSDs, you might as well add some budget to purchase 1TB SSD.

5 most expensive chips in the world, which is worth the value of a house

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-03
Chips are the most important components in semiconductor industry. Despite its traditional qualities like high-speed computing, storage, logic capabilities, collaborative processing, and many other high performances, a chip need to be flat enough, reinforced, heat dissipated, and can resist high temperature before it can be applied in aerospace or in military use. Since it’s a world class mystery...