A complete knowledge of RAM, which is the basic computer knowledge and is easy to understand.

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If you want to add a RAM to the computer, calculate the maximum supported capacity first.

MSI motherboard supports a single 32G DRAM, you may not guess how significant it is!

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2020-02-06
MAI launched motherboards that support 32G RAM. It can give computer users better usage experience especially for game players and designers. MSI Z390 motherboards have exclusive DDR4 Boost acceleration technology, optimized circuit layout design, completely isolated RAM-related circuits to ensure signal purity and stable performance.

Single 32g RGB memoryshocked the market, which is made in China and has butcher price. Who dares to compete

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single 32G RGB is a good choice.

Price of Memory is Going up! How to Avoid Suffering Loss

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The price of RAM is going up, you can avoid suffering loss by doing what I mentioned in my passage.

What are Advantages of storages with High Capacity

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Samsung sold out the single ram of 32 GB for laptops not long ago, and quite a few manufacturers announced that their mainboards are available to 32GB.

Is there a large difference between 8G and 16G in computer RAM?

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For ordinary home users, 4GB memory is enough for use, for game lovers, 8GB is enough, but for professional users, they may need 32GB or more memory. But if the memory is far more than what you really need, the spare part is just a waste, the optimal choice is to choose the memory that is enough for your need.

A single capacity of 32GB, domestic large memory appears on the market, the price is very nice, do you want to buy it?

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Although 16GB*2 memory is way enough for ordinary users, single 32GB memory stick has come up on the market. Its price is a little higher than expected, but is quite nice compared with other brands’ price. The performance and price will be further optimized.

See if Your Mainboard is Available to a Single Memory of 32GB RAM

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The single memory of 32GB RAM has made its debut. Both intel 300 series and AMD 500 series are available to it now. Therefore, you should consider making your mainboard available to it.

The notebook is also upgrading, let me teach you how to play with the notebook memory!

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Despite desktop, laptops can also be upgraded by switching memory. The article below will tell you how to do it hand by hand.

SSD and memory stick upgrade solution analysis for laptop, complete farewell to the computer stuck!

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SSDs and memory sticks are the two important module that makes new computer operates faster than the old ones. By showing how to install them step by step, people who needs to change them can do it at home.