Isn’t it real that the bigger computer RAM is better? My friend said that he was going to update the 16G memory to 32G one.

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Isn’t it real that the bigger computer RAM is better?

Recently the price of memory has fallen, high frequency bar and the latest CPU become the best partners. My rich friend, who just has plugged two 8G memory into computer, wants to fill up the four slots of the board. So they asked me if it is suitable.
I think if you are rich, you can plug many memories. But computer accessories are easy to depreciate, whether they can be used is the key. This friend is a professional media producer and sometimes likes playing games. It is better for him to have a larger memory.
However, we still figure out two problems. How to install large memory and it is made full use of after installing.

High frequency RAM is no longer expensive.

All of us know that dual channels are beneficial for improving performance. But it isn’t that the larger memory is better, the most important thing is to be suitable. Intel official also tweeted to explain this, using an image metaphor.
Data was respectively stored in every small room of memory. If four biscuits are divided into two boxes, you just need open the box twice. But when four biscuits are divided into four boxes, the number of times to open the box doubles, leading to the slow running of the computer.
That is, 8G ×4 dual channels memory is worse than 16G×2 in performance improving effect. However, in terms of supporting four channels, 8GB×4 is better than 16GB×2.

Each box is considered as a RAM.

Some people asked that why graphics card can be single channel rather than dual channels and why memory can be in dual channels rather than single channel. Multi-channel graphics card is better than single one in performance. But in the effect of performance improving, single channel is better than multi-channel one, which is an increase where one plus one less than two.

But memory is different, when memory is dual channels, it can not only expand memory but also improve speed for computer. Which is an increase where one plus one more than two. Then do you know how many channels can be supported by both graphics and RAM?

A famous IT media tweeted to test a single 32GB, 128GB RAM computer can run full. The results are as follow.

    • 8.1 billion pixel, 24GB Galaxy panorama opening in Photoshop accounts for 38GB of memory;
    • The special effects file opening in After Effects covers the 60GB maximum memory.
    • The video opening in Premiere accounts for less than 6GB memory.

    Assassin's Creed Odyssey, a huge-scale game, is all set to the highest picture quality and only consumes 3 GB of memory.

    In my personal experience, browser covers the most of memory. It is common for QQ, Chrome and CM Browser to account for more than 2GB memory.

    Therefore, it is possible to use 32GB memory. Then you can update first.

    At that time, I also forwarded the article and told how to use large RAM:

    First, you can use ramdisk to virtual out a 60GB memory disk, which is equivalent to a small capacity SSD. The read-write speed will not be less than 5GB / S and the speed is higher in frequency memory. Then the system cache, PS and other programs are temporarily saved on the disk, and even BT temporary downloads such as 4K video. While for these people who like temporarily installing software, the memory can be considered as Sandbox using Sandboxie, a free software or sandbox in security software. As long as the application is uninstalled, it will be clean without any trace.

    In fact, the WinPE startup disk is also running on Ramdisk. After the restart, all data will disappear. Which uses the memory power failure vulnerability to temporarily store data. It's also a good idea for various ramdisk software to use the surplus memory.

    Alienware  AW17r3 notebook 32GB memory ramdisk runs points

    At present, my notebook and office computer are both 8GB, it is fluent enough to run Win7 and Win10. The situation of memory running out doesn’t often happens, but we need to consider upgrading. By next year, 16GB RAM will be the standard configuration.

    Ramdisk is about 1 / 4 in the test of AIDA64 RAM read and write speed.

    You may have know how much memory do you need by this passage.