What is it like to use a 32G memory computer?

updated at 2020-02-21 18:04:07

What is it like to use a 32G memory computer ?

If the other configurations are the same, in fact, 16g and 32g are about the same, and now 16g memory can fully meet the needs of a family users. What is it like to use a 32G memory computer? You may not believe the answer.

Nowadays, the most popular memory and configuration occupation of the computer at home is games. But even if the most popular computer game on the Internet, Player unknown’s Battleground, its memory configuration of the computer is only 8g. If you use a 16g computer, and adjust all aspects to the highest value, then it will be more than enough. There are some design works that have high demands for the computer configuration. Generally, it is the use of applications like cad or 3D MAX that requires high computer configuration, the minimum memory requirement is 8g. If you use 16g computer and with the configuration that can keep up with it, there will be no big problem even if you use these applications frequently.

The computer we use today can be said to be more than enough if it is just used for normal office work like processing files or just to watch a movie. Under this circumstances, even the 4g to 6g of running memory is enough. If you like to play some high-quality computer games or need to do design, then a 8g to 16g of running memory is enough.

And you must install a 64-bit system before you upgrade your memory, because the 32-bit system can only meet 3.25g of the running memory. And the quality of a computer configuration cannot only be judged by one aspect, it does not depend on the highest performance piece. Think about it, if your running memory is large but other hardware can't keep up with it, then your running memory cannot play its role well. It is equivalent to a waste.

And now the correlation code that affects the speed of our computer response lies in the mechanical hard disk in our computer. In just a few years, the mechanical hard disk we used has changed from 1g to 2g, and then from 2g to 4g, and now to 6g and 8g. It seems like its capacity has increased a lot, but its speed has not changed much. So, in recent years, hard drives are a short board of computers.

Nowadays, an amazing object has completely changed the status quo. This magical object is the solid state that we usually say. It is precisely because of the appearance of solid state that basically solved the problem of computer stagnation.

Put a good solid state on your computer, you will find that the computer you are using now is totally different than before. Compared with the mechanical hard disk, its start-up speed is much faster, and the solid state startup speed determines how fast your processor reads the programs stored inside your hard drive.

Think about it. If your processor can read information very quickly, but your mechanical hard disk starts up slowly, causing your processor unable to recognize it properly, therefore slows down your computer's recognition speed. So, if you have a computer that stuck all the time, the best way is to add a solid-state drive to your computer.