Will you partition your hard drive/SSD now?

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2020-06-07

Will you partition your hard drive/SSD now?

The concept of partitioning has grown up with the PC. This operation will divide the memory into multiple logical areas. We used to call different partitions of Windows as X disk.

In fact, the system will automatically divide out several areas to put some important files for normal use, even if you do not partition the memory, for example, the UEFI system needs an EFI system partition to store boot files. Firstly, the partition discussed in this article refers to the operation of partitioning the available space for other users.

Dividing a hard disk into multiple partitions with one storing the system and others storing different types of data, which is very common now and then. However, there are some people think that one hard disk is enough, as they managing with folders, so there is no need to use different partitions to distinguish different data.

Both two methods of use are reasonable. The advantage of using multiple partitions is that it is more convenient to manage the data. In addition, the data on the other partitions will not be removed even if the reinstalled system, which is also convenient to back up. The advantages of non-partitioning are the high space utilization rate and the convenience of organizing files in folders. Of course, both partitioning habits have their own disadvantages, such as, multiple areas may have certain inconveniences in using space, while non-partitioning may have problems in backup.

Both of the partitioning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. It is hard to distinguish which one is better. As the simple survey on the partitioning habits of netizens, I am quite surprise at the results. Accounting for 60%, the non-partition is obviously higher than the partition. Probably due to the popularity of SSD, many users only assign it to one district.

As for myself, I have not partitioned since I had my own PC in 2015. As there are more and more hard disks, one partition per disk is also very convenient in management.

The purpose of this article is for learning about what kind of usage habits and reasons you have. If you would like to share your opinion in comments, please be gentle.