Notes for Memory card -2

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Notes for Memory card -2

4. Unplug the card without power off and suddenly out of power

When shooting outside or traveling, many people will bring a spare memory card, in order to have a change when the memory card is full. In the process of changing cards, some people directly pull out the card without shutting down. This is really a kind of damage to the camera and the card. Once or twice, it won’t be a problem. While the number increasing, it will be the same as drunk driving.

Remember to plug the memory card after power off!

Be aware of another situation that is suddenly out of power. During data storage, deletion, formatting or playback, the power may be accidentally turned off or shut down due to low battery.

The damage of operation above is almost the same as removing the card without shutting down, which may cause data loss, even a complete discard of the memory card.

Therefore, before formatting the memory card, deleting files, and upgrading the device firmware, you’d better check the digital camera to ensure that the battery has sufficient power.

Be care of the battery when you operate with the memory card of camera.

5. Use memory card as USB

As the current memory card having quite large storage space and a good data transmission speed, some people replace the USB flash drive by the card reader with a spare memory card inside. This is really dangerous because there may be a virus on the computer. Once the virus infects the memory card, it may easily cause the loose of the entire data on the card.

Get virus!

When getting attacked by a virus or deleting a file by mistake, you’d better not try various irregular operations in case of greater damage to data and cards. If the information inside is really important, you can use antivirus software or data recovery software to repair it as soon as possible, or send it to a professional repair point for repair and data recovery.

6. Card insertion with force

Lending a card reader to others is a very worrying experience, because many people seemed not know that the card reader has two sides, so they insert the card hardly. These strong men force the card plugged in, which will easily break the pins of card reader. Of course, their memory card went through the same thing.

Weak pins will break under force.

As figure above, there are many pins on the memory card, which are very thin and easy to fold. The image information is transmitted from the camera to the memory card by these weak pins. If they are broken, it will make poor contact. Not only the card reader, but the camera card slot also has two sides. Pay attention to direction and position when inserting a card with a light and uniform force. And do not hurt the weak pin structure.

7. Shake the camera during data writing

When writing data to a memory card, it is better not to drastically shake the camera, especially for older cameras and memory cards. Simply, the memory card and card slot have abrasion with long time usage and large plug number, thus the tightness of the joints reduces. As a result, the shaking during working may cause poor contact and data loss.

8. Poor storage environment

Don't assume that you have no need to be care about the memory card removed from a camera. In fact, the memory card is rapid wear, so it has certain requirements for the storage environment.

Specifically, avoid use and storage under high magnetic, high temperature, and high humidity. Do not place the memory card under high temperature or direct sunlight, and avoid static electricity and magnetic fields.

In addition, it is better not to jam the memory card everywhere, in case of irreversible physical damage from external force, such as bending deformation or even breakage.

You’d better store memory cards in certain place. Wrap them in plastic boxes, cloth, or paper towels. If possible, buy special storage card bags and card boxes.

A home for memory cards.

Last but not least, the more expensive memory card is, the faster speed of reading and writing is, thus the rate of problems will be lower.

However, no matter how expensive the memory card is, it will be broken if you don’t care of it, so pay more attention for your card, data, and wallet!

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