MSI motherboard supports a single 32G DRAM, you may not guess how significant it is!

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MSI motherboard supports a single 32G DRAM, you may not guess how significant it is!

According to the latest JEDEC standard specification, 2048x8 DDR4 DIMM RAM can achieve a single capacity of 32GB. MSI recently announced that its Z390 motherboard can successfully support a single 32G large DRAM after upgrading to the latest BIOS. So that if our platform’s four RAM slots are all plugged in, the system RAM capacity can reach an astonishing 128GB, which was unimaginable in the past. Friends who are familiar with the server must know that the server often needs to install large RAM. The large RAM brings in high hit rate of the query, which means more rapid response. So, how much RAM does our consumer-grade desktop need? Do we really need a computer with a single 32G, and an overall 128G or more DRAM?

MSI also stressed that their support for 32GB RAM is based entirely on the JEDEC industry standard, unlike some special techniques defined by special pins. It is not like the double-layer RAM or shaped RAM jointly introduced by some brands, it realizes 32GB of single RAM by increasing the PCB, doubling the RAM particles and related control components. This special large RAM also needs to cooperate with special motherboard to use, but the actual performance is not good enough, not only hadn’t the performance really improve, but the compatibility and stability are reduced.

In addition, MSI Z390 motherboards have exclusive DDR4 Boost acceleration technology, optimized circuit layout design, completely isolated RAM-related circuits to ensure signal purity and stable performance.

According to the MSI official, the list of Z390 motherboards that support single 32GB RAM is as follows:
Z390-A PRO

The MSI Z390 GAMING PLUS in my hand is also one of them. It seems that these four RAM slots can also pack a 128G massive RAM platform.

For the flagship platform that wants to build i9-9900K, and want to have better cost performance in the choice of motherboard, then MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS that supports the 128G large RAM MSI is naturally a good choice. It uses ATX version, the main board is colored in red and black, with 4 RAM slots, 2 PCI-E 3.0×16, the top one is also equipped with protective armor, 4 PCI-E 3.0×1, 2 M.2 interfaces, 6 SATA 3.0.

It is a main practical motherboard, cost-effective in all Z390 models, the main selling point is its cost-effective among high-end platform.

The MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS is designed with a 6+3 phase digital power supply. Each phase of the power supply configuration has a two MosFETs, one at the top and the other on the bottom. It uses a white Japanese MIL solid capacitor and a customized close ferrite inductor. The main board power supply is controlled by a pure digital chip. Each phase of the upper and lower bridges is equipped with a MosFET. The main power supply area is added with a thick metal heat sink with MSI characteristics. The auxiliary power supply requires an 8PIN power supply. At the same time, the PCI-E interface is also metal-reinforced, which can be equipped with high-performance graphics cards with strong performance to prevent damage.

On the selection of the graphics card, the MSI RTX 2080 Diablo Dragon is a good choice. The special three fans of the MSI DUKE family have been kept. The front uses a more game-friendly silver-black color, and the back is a whole metal back. There is no lack of complete protection for the PCB.

RTX 2080 DUKE adopts TU-104-400A core, built in a 2994 CUDA core, the basic frequency is 1515MHz, acceleration frequency is 1800MHz, power consumption is 215W, its RAM consumption adopts the latest 8GB GDDR6 DRAM, the RAM frequency is 14Gbps, RAM bandwidth is 256bit, video RAM bandwidth is 448GB/s.

The graphics card provides 3 x DP, 1 x HDMI, 1 x Type-C, a total of 5 interfaces, canceled the DVI interface. Add a Type-C interface to serve VR, and get rid of the trouble that VR devices need to connect many cables.

So, for such a powerful platform like this, how much RAM do we need when playing mainstream games? When RTX light and shadow tracking technology affects the entire game industry, is RAM important? Since 2018, many hardware assessment agencies and game makers have begun to focus on the latest and best RAM requirements for PC games and software. The conclusion is that 16GB dual-channel RAM is standard, and more and more games start to occupy more RAM, like the new "Battlefield 5" " Shadow of the Tomb Raider " "Assassin's Creed: Odyssey" "Monster Hunter: The world, "Payer Unknown’s Battleground" and other game masterpieces, when running them in a PC, it is common for them to occupy more than 12G RAM in a long time.

Fortunately, the price of RAM in the beginning of 2019 hit a record low, which allows players to safely pursue greater RAM. Obviously, according to the conventional thinking, PC users who currently configure 16G RAM are barely enough. Because your run game platform, the RAM usage is likely to reach more than 80%, so the platform is unhealthy, and RAM expansion is imperative.

For the current mainstream players, many people still stay in the 1080P era. If you fully open the 4K game era, coupled with high special effects and high anti-aliasing pressure, the RAM can easily breakthrough 16G . For content creators, the RAM capacity is never too much. The most common way of handling 4K video in Premiere Pro, 16GB is the entry level, and it is common to explode the RAM usage.

In the actual test, it is found that the graphics card's RAM has a great influence on the platform RAM, the smaller the RAM, the higher the RAM usage. When the graphics card's RAM is used up, the game will quickly swallow up the system RAM. When the system RAM is also exhausted, some game data will be transferred to the local storage device - hard disk or solid-state hard disk, your game frame at the moment may have dropped.

According to the RAM capacity required by the current popular games. In fact, 32GB is the most suitable configuration at present. Although it is a bit exaggerated to configure 128G RAM on your Z390 platform, but after all, this is the trend of the times, because you also saw that the development of hardware and game software is too fast, 32G It’s just a matter of time before RAM becomes too tight!

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