Is the 32G memory phone enough to use? You may cry after reading this article.

Source:   Editor: Monique Scholten Update Time :2019-11-15

Is the 32G memory phone enough to use? You may cry after reading this article.

Under current mobile phone market environment, the standard memory for mainstream flagship machine starts at 6G+64GB. The former refers to mobile phone storage. I have already explained to everyone that if you want to have a fluent mobile phone usage experience, you should pick one with high capacity. Today, I would like to talk about the memory of the mobile phone. When slowly eliminated memory card, how many software, TV series can we download without frequently delete the app cache depends on how much memory the phone has.

Now the memory of flagship high-end has achieved 256GB, so is some low-profile 32GB memory is enough? Let’s take a look.

As shown on the above figure, only 1.21G out of the total 32GB memory is available for use now. So perhaps downloading a Strike of Kings will be a problem. The important thing is that when adding up all data usage below, there is obviously available memory left, but it shows none, why is that?

First of all, our Android system will take up about 3 G of memory, that means there are only 29G left, and then after download a few software, such as facebook, twttert, Strike of Kings and Player unknown’s Battleground, almost 10G will disappear And there will always be new data generated during the use of the software. In short, the memory has been used up by half.

In addition, the number of apps downloaded in the mobile phone is increasing, and the update speed of the app is getting faster and faster. The average frequency of updating in the past is about three to six months. Now, in order to maintain activity and exposure, it its common for an app to update once a week. The frequency of updating once is not uncommon. So, it is common to see an APP and its installation package to be more than 1G. You want to delete the old folders? You will find that you could not find the location of the folders.

Finally, it is the time issue. This is a common problem with Android phones. I saw a 32GB user's complain on the Internet: "I switched for a 32g mobile phone, I thought it should be enough, but after I used it for 2 years, it kept on warning out of memory even after I deleted all my apps, the application downloading has to be calculated according to the remaining memory, and photos need to be backed up on computer after a period of time, and delete them from the phone. It is really annoying."

It can be seen that the 16G and 32G mobile phones have been slowly eliminated by time. 64g and 128g have become mainstream model. With the increase of mobile phone cameras, the improvement of pixels and the enhancement of functions, the picture quality is getting better and better. Users who take pictures can be seen anywhere, anytime. This invisibly increases the storage burden of the phone, 32G mobile phone is hardly enough for usage.

Finally, mainstream memory is only getting bigger and bigger, in order to follow the trend, avoid been eliminated. Of course, the development of domestic mobile phones is getting better and better. I believe that in the future, there will be improvements to memory along with optimization to apps, isn't that all good?

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