How will the difference between 16g and 32g of computer memory affect?

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-11-02

When the computer memory is above 8G, there is no difference in common operation and usage. The 16G memory is better than 8G memory only in operation large-scale complex software, large-scale procedure and big game. However, it is unnecessary for common domestic computers to operate these large-scale commercial or industrial software. It is absolutely enough for professional players to operate big games in 16G memory. Common domestic computer users or professional players don’t need 32G memory or more memory.

The advantages of large memory and multi memory are respectively memory hitting rate and dual channel efficiency. In addition, if you need to add more memory, two 16gG memory slots can be selected to save memory on the motherboard. The Intel core card can improve 10% to 20% performance, AMD core card can improve about 40% performance. And the CPU performance can also improve, it is faster to copy files.

Then the modern mainstream computer operating systems, above Win7, Linux or OSX, will use all the remaining memory as the hard disk cache, and this part memory is not displayed as occupied. If the whole memory is 32GB, the displayed occupied memory is 8G. Then the remaining 24G memory is as hard disk cache. If the commonly used software is within the 24G, and you do not shut down, which means that your hard disk is actually memory speed and the memory is dozens of times faster than the fastest SSD.

Windows users can open resource supervising program, the blue area and spare area in the memory page is cache. While the light blue area displayed as available is really used for nothing. This part of memory is generally tiny, that is, only this part is really idle. The memory is larger, the blue spare area is more and the memory as cache is more.

Linux users can use the free command on the command line to view the buff / cache column, which is used for caching. Generally, the cache will be full after a period of power on. Do not shut down and run continuously. The cache will always be kept at a high level.