What kind of memory do you need?

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Some people are like this the second before using computer.

But the next second they may be like this.

Including many game players and working people, they spend most of their time in computer except sleeping. Therefore, it is important to have a good computer.

How to definite a good computer? Different people have different needs, the answer is different among people. It is undoubted that the first standard for good computer is smooth. Operating fluently is the premise of excellent experience.

When the computer can’t operate fluently, we have to refer to memory. As the bridge of hard disk and CPU, memory play a role of caching and data exchanging. Memory is important for computer and it is an integral part of computer.

If computer doesn’t operate fluently, the loading time of procedure is long. This situation often is relative to memory. Therefore, updating memory is one of the effective ways to improve computer operation.

The evidence of insufficient computer memory.

The procedure often fails to respond or takes too long to load.

when operating multi-tasks, procedures switching is too low, which is what we call stuck.

The reminder of Low memory or insufficient memory appears.

For sandbox games and large scenes games, there will be obvious bottlenecks due to insufficient memory.

If there are often appearing those situations, you should update memory. How much memory is sufficient?

In today's computer system, the memory occupation is basically more than 2GB. If we open the webpage again, we can imagine the memory pressure. Therefore, 8GB is basically the start.

However, the effect of memory is more obvious in some sandbox games which have strong freedom and more games components, professional video or design software. Let’s take PUBG as an example, the memory consumption reaches to 1.9GB once opening the game. When there are 100 people in the island, the memory occupation is to 5.2GB. 8GB memory is hard to maintain. Therefore, if you want to cooperate with high-performance CPU and graphics card to stabilize the output of high-quality image, the memory capacity is better at 16GB or above.

What are the advantages of sufficient computer memory?

Increasing memory capacity can improve computer fluency and make computer operate stably. Especially for large-scale games, video editing and other procedures occupying large memory, large capacity memory can obviously shorten loading time.

In increasing memory capacity, users are suggested to build double channel memory to offer higher data broadband for CPU. In theory, memory performance can improve one time.

In increasing memory capacity, users are suggested to build double channel memory to offer higher data broadband for CPU. In theory, memory performance can improve one time.

In Intel non overclocking platform and independent graphics card.

For example, when i3 8100, i5 8500 and i7 8700 coordinate with B360, H310 these motherboards, DDR4 2666 is default choice. You can buy a single 8GB capacity, if it is 16GB, then choose two 8GB capacity. Single and dual channels are not particularly important here. Capacity guarantee is enough.

In Intel overclocking platform and Core graphics card

Such as i3 8100 and i5 8400, the dual channels are the best. But the requirement in frequency is not high, DDR4 2666 is also suggested.

in the platform of APU of AMD

Such as R3 2200G and 2400G, DDR4 3000 is the default option. It had better to use two memory with dual channels.

In AMD Ryzen series CPU and independent graphics card.

Such as R5 2600 and 2700X and so on. Because of the large memory delay of AMD platform, it is necessary to use high frequency to offset the performance degradation caused by the delay. Therefore, it is suggested to start DDR43000 with a capacity of 16GB. It is also recommended to build a dual channel.

The top configuration of Intel and AMD

If you are rich, the frequency can be as high as possible and the capacity can be as large as possible.

If you really don’t konw how to choose, you can buy what you see in the website that I gave to you.