After temporarily rebounding the NAND flash memory prices will continue to decline

updated at 2018-12-14 13:06:41

There is no suspense of DRAM prices and NAND flash memory meeting bear market next year with a big drop, which is predicted to have a 45% decline in NAND flash memory prices and 30% decline in DRAM prices. However, there will be a episode before prices slashing. Especially around Chinese New Year there will be a rebound of NAND flash memory, which is mainly in flash memory products. But the NAND flash memory prices will keep falling after the holiday.

    According to the Digitimes news quoted from supply chain, NAND flash suppliers have had small adjustment. After hitting the bottom flash memory card prices start slightly rebounding while SSD products continue to fall. Memory products such as eMMC and eMCP have a stable price.

    Although some NAND flash product prices have rebounded, the rebounding will quickly disappear after Spring Festival holiday. Due to the oversupply, NAND flash memory prices will keep falling after Feburary. When will the decline of NAND flash memory prices meet an end? It depends on the change of market demand. The demand of smart phone to high capacity NAND flash memory will ease the its oversupply in the first of 2019 according to source. Smart phone manufacturers will use 512GB memory on flagship products next year. Whats more, the price of 240GB SSD is lower than 1TB mechanical disk, the former of whom is reduced to $29. In addition, the price of 480GB SSD is reduced to $57 according to the data quoted from ChinaFlashMarket by Digitimes.

    The price of 480/512GB hard disk will be close to 1TB mechanical disk until the end of 2019 according to source.