Samsung Note9 launching with 512GB storage drives high-end phones equipped with 128GB

updated at 2018-08-26 21:10:34
The market application of 3D NAND in 64 layers gets expansion in the first half year of 2018, the mass production of cheaper QLC and 3D Nand in 96 layers will be started in second half of the year; it will largely increase the supply of NAND Flash Bit. According to the data of Nand Flash, the price index of NAND Flash in 2018 has declined 43% of grand total, the price decreased by $0.13/GB, which basically hit the price level in 2016.

The sales of smartphone get decreasing at the same time, it makes the market more depressing. However, as the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is issued on Aug 15th, there will be two options for Mobile DRAM--- 6GB and 8GB, the configuration gets advanced comparing to previous 4GB and 6GB; It leads the shortage of DRAM market supply, and causes the high offer. In order to meet the demand of DRAM in market, the Production ability of DRAM in PingZhe Factory is enlarged by Samsung, which also happens to SK Hynix, they invest 350 billion Won to build M16 factory in LiCuan, and plan to produce DRAM and promote the yield rate by new process. The shortage of Mobile DRAM supply is temporary; it will be improved at the end of 2018.

On the other side, the biggest capacity for Flash has been upgraded to 512GB by Samsung Galaxy Note 9. It is not only getting the double size comparing to last year but also catch the size of SSD; it fully meets the clients’ storage demands for online shopping, NFC, video watching and picture loading. The other brands are also following this trend, such as R1, OPPO Find X, Huawei Mate RS, ASUS ROG Phone and so on.

The storage size of smartphones turns double thanks to the 3D NAND Technology. The capacity of single die for 3D NAND in 96 layers is over 1Tbit from all NAND Flash factories in the second half of 2018, the high development and price dropping of NAND Flash positively push the high-end phones to start with 128GB, and gradually all work with 512GB.

Moreover, the autumn presentation for new IPhones will be launched in September, there will be 4 new models; hopefully, we will be looking forward to the 512GB iPhone issued by Apple.