Toshiba's new factory has started producing 96-layer 3D flash memory

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-27
The Fab 6 was under construction by Toshiba and Western Digital and began producing 96-layer 3D flash memory this month. Both CEO indicate that Toshiba and Western Digital will jointly promote 3D flash memory development and continue to improve their technology and cost advantages in the flash industry.

Samsung will reduce the output of memory chips next year

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-11
According to an informed source, Samsung plans to limit the output of memory chip. It’s prediction for the bit growth of DRAM and NAND flash shrank. Bit growth is the key barometer for the demand of chip memory market. Semiconductor business is Samsung’s largest one. While server promoting demand of memory, the stagnation of global smart phone selling gave rise to worrying about the growth of semi...

Players who are afraid of TLC and QLC need to notice!1.6 TB Micron MLC flash memory hard disk with 30W energy consumption is coming.

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-11
TLC, QLC flash memory will soon become the absolute main force in the market. If you really want to buy MLC, you can consider the NVMe hard disk of Micron 9100 series, the original 16nm MLC flash memory with 1.6TB capacity, but it has a high energy consumption. Have you ever used an SSD with 30W power consumption like it?

USB Driver speed rolling SSD disk

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-8
The previous mobile hard drive was so big that it was hard to carry, with fragile structure and slow speed. Solid state drive has become more affordable this year as the price of flash memory has fallen rapidly. Thus, the market for USB mobile hard drives based on solid state drives is booming. As shown above, it is very convenient to make a mobile hard drive, just buying a solid state drive with...

UNIS: DRAM memory chip design is in the mainstream of the world to solve the problem of capacity!

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-11
For UNIS, the biggest focus is on the domestic autonomous DDR4 memory, while they haven’t slowed down in the layout from the "core" to the "cloud", such as purchasing 30% stake of Suzhou Asen Semiconductors Co., Ltd.

Samsung released 32GB DDR4 PC memory bank: 256GB system comes true

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-11
Recently, Samsung Electronics has introduced a 32GB UDIMM DDR4 memory bank (No. M378A4G43MB1-CTD). Unlike previous large memory is dedicated to the server. this is for the desktop PC!

Samsung / SK Hynix postpones expansion of production: the broken dream of slashing price in memory

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-11
When the price of memory has been rising for more than two years, the industry widely predicts it will return to normal in the fourth quarter of this year. Unfortunately, before they could get excited, the bad news is coming.

Flash Memory Summit 2018: a summary of new types of storage devices

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-09
Persistent Memory has always been a hot topic of storage field, whose technology and drug development are similar and require a lot of time and huge investment. Technology like NAND Flash, which was developed successfully in 1985, has been coming down to where it is today with application.

Carbon nanotube memory will replace DRAM soon

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-09
Nantero described the new generation of non-volatile random access memory (NRAM) based on carbon nanotubes (CNT) at this year's Hot Chips conference and believed that it will become a future alternative to DRAM.

FMS 2018:Do AI in storage

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-09-09
We know the prototype proof of concept completed by them and Microsoft Research through the keynote of the startup NGD. The concept of in-suite processing is integrated with computational acceleration units in storage control. This concept is similar to most of the schemes for accelerating on storage, leveraging the advantages of being close to data storage to implement computation offlaoding, th...