Samsung first PCIe 4.0 SSD with max capacity of 30.72 TB and speed over 7GB/s

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-11
Samsung lunch new 30.72TB PCIe 4.0 SSD, PM1733, with the speed of Samsung PCIe 4.0 reaches an astonishing 7.19GB/s.

This carbon nanotubes +RRAM+ILV 3DIC wafer may change the semiconductor industry

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-09
Max Shulaker recently presented a 3DIC wafer stacked with carbon nanotubes and RRAM stacked through ILV technology at the DARPA Electronic Revival Initiative (ERI) Summit. It is the first time that the carbon nanotubes and RRAM and ILV 3DIC technology have been officially processed by a third-party foundry, SkyWater Technology. That represents the carbon nanotubes and RRAM and ILV 3DIC technology...

Western Digital has launched a new slim 5TB SSD

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-09
Western Digital recently introduced a new slimmest SSD with the thickness of only 19.15mm in the series of My passport and My passport for Mac products. The 5TB SSD has a large capacity and can be used to store large number of photos, video and files.

The largest chips in the history

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-07
Cerebras has launched the largest chip ever at IEEE Hot Chips seminar, It can reduce the AI training time from months to minutes. Cerebras build such a big chip because high-bandwidth and low-latency connections can only be achieved when data never have to leave the short, dense interconnect on the chip. Also, the core reduces the workload by simply not multiplying anything by zero. Cerebras will...

What is the brain-inspired chip?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-09-01
Tianjic chip is a new type of AI chip which has integrated the two main research trends of AI based on computer science and neuroscience-based methods into a platform which also supports machine learning algorithm and existing brain-inspired calculation algorithm.

SSD can connect the Internet, which is to grab the job of CPU and GPU?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-08-28
Ethernet SSD not only is a storage tools but also can connect to the Internet. Toshiba and Marvell introduce an Ethernet SSD connecting directly to the Internet.The Ethernet SSD based on "88SS50000" controller is equipped with an 8TB capacity Toshiba 96-layer 3D TLC NAND flash and 128GB DDR4 cache.

Toshiba and Samsung both introduced Ethernet SSD recently

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-08-27
Samsung uses the key value method to produce Ethernet SSD , while Toshiba uses the traditional storage method. This article analyzes them in detail.

SSD Encounters with AI

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-08-25
With the advancement of technology, SSDs can generate more AI applications with computing power, while AI applications can react to SSDs.

Intel Releases Six Major Technology Pillar Strategies: 10/7nm Process Plus 3D Package to Create a New Generation of CPU Cornerstone

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-08-18
The six pillar technologies proposed by Intel will be the major drivers for Intel for the next 10 years and even for the next 50 years and are expected to continue to drive exponential innovation.

Israel: A Country with Powerful Chips

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-08-15
Israel is a country well-known for its powerful chips. There are a number of successful chip companies in Israel such as Hailo Technologies and Habana Labs and some prominent Israeli companies have been acquired by foreign companies such as Mellanox Technologie and ColorChip. Various factors ranging from financial support to culture all contribute to Israel’s development in chip industry.