Reasons for Japan’s Semiconductor Dominance: What Inspirations Can China Draw from It?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-21
Recently, Japan has imposed restrictions on the exports of three semiconductor raw materials to South Korea, which is a serious wallop to the South Korean chip-manufacturing companies. The great impact of Japanese curbs on South Korea reflects Japan’s dominance in the semiconductor industry. Having gone through three main stages, Japan established its spectacular monopoly on semiconductor material...

Japan’s Sanctions on the Export of Semiconductor Materials: Will Storage Products’ Prices Increase?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-20
As Japan monopolizes the global market for fluorine polyimide and hydrogen fluoride materials, Japan’s sanctions against South Korea will affect various semiconductor-related companies in Korea.

Effects of Japan-South Korea Trade War: Phison Expects NAND Flash Prices to Increase Another 30%

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-20
The trade tensions between Japan and South Korea, along with other factors such as Toshiba’s power outage, have boosted NAND Flash prices to rebound from their earlier low level. Phison’s CEO predicted them to rise by another 30%. Despite a tight supply of products in the market, Phison will continue to supply goods to high-quality customers.

Analyst: Samsung 7nm Customers are Forced to be Transferred to TSMC

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-19
Various companies and responsible persons have given different conjectures and assumptions about the ban imposed by Japan in the trade war between Japan and South Korea.

TSMC will benefit from Japan's restriction exports of semiconductor materials to South Korea

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-18
Samsung and TSMC face fierce competition in the wafer foundry market, especially the planning and customer status of the 7nm advanced process are most impressive. If the advanced manufacturing process capacity of Korean wafer foundry is affected by Japan's export restriction, clients' options may trend to TSMC.

The Restrictions Imposed by Japan on South Korea May be “Upgraded Tactics”! Does South Korea "Detour Plan" Work?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-17
In the face of Japanese technology pressure, the South Korean industry is now facing a dilemma, but for South Korea, this is also a "wake up dream", so that South Korean companies are once again aware of their own defects.

Taiwan Launches AI on Chip Subsidy Program In Order to Occupy Intelligent City and Intelligent Manufacturing Opportunity.

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-16
Taiwan has launched a research and development subsidy program for potential companies related to AI chips based on the solid foundation of semiconductor manufacturing, which is conducive to the continuous development of AI chip diversification and the world AI chip market.

Samsung 5nm Process Has Made New Progress! Can Samsung Win at This Node?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-16
Samsung's 5nm process will use EUV technology and Samsung's 7nm technology will be used for 5LPE to shorten customer product development time and strive to win at the node.

What are the concerns of South Korea in the face of the Japanese-South Korean semiconductor dispute?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-15
Japan restrict three products for export to South Korea are Fluoro polyimide,Photoresist and high-purity hydrogen fluoride.Major Korean companies react differently.But it is difficult to solve technical dependence by funds alone.

Intel released a new tool-chip packaging technology is expected to improve again

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-07-13
As the electronics industry moves toward a data-centric era, chip-packaging is becoming a catalyst for product innovation. Intel unveiled a new set of basic tools including the Co-EMIB(innovative applications combine EMIB with Foveros ), ODI (Omni-Directional Interconnect) and MDIO (new bare chip indirect port technology.)