Samsung released 32GB DDR4 PC memory bank: 256GB system comes true

Source:   Editor: Regon Update Time :2018-09-11

Recently, Samsung Electronics has introduced a 32GB UDIMM DDR4 memory bank (No. M378A4G43MB1-CTD). Unlike previous large memory is dedicated to the server. this is for the desktop PC!

The memory blank adopts 16Gb (2GB) DDR4 memory particles of Samsung's 10nm process, with a total of 16 particles, whose rated operating frequency is 2666MHz and the voltage is 1.2 V. However, the timing is not announced now.

Thanks to such a large memory, manufacturers and players can set up a real fever system with 128GB memory. What’s more, on the top platform such as Intel Core X and AMD Threadripper, it can be composed of 256GB!

Of course, the mainstream and high-end desktop platforms do not yet support 128GB and 256GB of system memory, but they will either increase support in the future or wait for the next-generation platform.

Although Samsung did not disclose the price of this 32GB DDR4 memory blank, it estimated that the production cost is around $300.