Let’s talk about the recent popular RAM.

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-10-31
Buying in the side-chain and main-chain of RAM both use the same EOS Token, and EOS Token will never change.

What kind of memory do you need?

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There are all kinds of memory in the market, but how to choose memory? Here are instructions for you.

Price of DRAM falls again, setting a record in recent nine years.

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-03-17
According to latest survey of DRAMeXchange, DRAM prices will continue to decline due to oversupply and weak demand. At present, most of market share of memory are mastered by three large companies, namely Samsung, SK Hynix and Micron. The speed of decreasing or increasing production is different, easy to cause legal problem of monopoly. Fortunately, it is generally believed that market conditions...

Differences among DRAM, SDRAM, and SRAM

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-2-6
The article mainly introduces differences among DRAM, SDRAM, and SRAM in detail. DRAM requires refreshing with large capacity, while SDRAM and SRAM not. In addition, the storage unit structure of them also be compared in the passage.

A brief introduction to the development of DDR memory

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-01-14
The article briefly introduces the development of memory DDR. Memory can be divided into RAM and ROM according to whether data is lost or not at power failure. In addition, RAM can further be divided into SRAM and DRAM. The development of SDRAM is from 30pin SIPP interface to 30pin SIMM or 72pin SIMM. It also briefly show the characters and application of asynchronous DRAM which can be divided int...

What is mobile ram? What’s the meanning of ram?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-01-07
Mobile RAM RAM falls into SRAM and DRAM, which decides the speed of mobile system and running program. It’s features include random access, volitality, high accessing speed, need of refreshment and sensitive to static electricity.

What is the use of essential XMP mode in high frequency memory?

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2019-01-02
Memory can be divide into bare bar and the bar wearing cooling fin in appearance. Generally speaking, most of dressed up bars are OC strips with a higher frequency when the XMP option is turned on, and bare bar has a low frequency.

Introduction of DRAM and SRAM memory principle

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DRAM is the abbreviation of Dynamic random access memory, it’s power dissipation is lower than SRAM.

New chip architecture opens up the era of security operation

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-12-12
At this year's Hot Chips conference, industry experts called for a new generation of security-designed computer architecture to avoid the recurrence of Spectre/Meltdown security breaches. Surprisingly, to create safer products, Microsoft described the Pluton security module, while Google introduced Titan, which is expected that the two companies could merge into a standard one day.

ARM notes: SDRAM memory driver

Source: local   Editor: Alex   Update Time :2018-12-04
This article briefly introduces the types and storage mode of ROM and RAM. Take S3C2440 memory Bank as an example, introducing the internal structure and working principle of SDRAM.