What is mobile ram? What’s the meanning of ram?

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2019-01-07

RAM is generally recognized as random access memory for short, itis a mobille component to save temporary data, which is the same as memory bank in computer. It can read and write with a high speed anytime, which is usually used as temporary data storage medium of operating system and other running program. RAM will lose memory content if there is a power outage, so it is mainlly used to store short time program. Accroding to diffrent storage information, RAM falls into Static RAM, SRAM and Dynamic RAM, DRAM.

Random Access Memory

    Contrapose the problem of what is mobile RAM, RAM is read-write memory, which is used to dynamically store temporary data each time to start mobile it will change. The alleged memory management is closing running program with no need, and releasing occupied memory. Compared with storage card, memory is faster, more expensive, having less capacity and resource, its same as dynamincally allocated data buffer when system operating.

    The speed of mobile system and running program is depend on the size of RAM, which is the same as computer. Memory is larger then speed is faster. The prompt appears when running program or game is related to RAM out of memory, rather than capacity of disk C or E, evnen if there are several hundred MB space in storage card. We need to release occupied running memory to enlarge RAM.


    Random Access

    Random access is that the time and position of information is unrelated with reading and writing of storage. Relatively, it matters when reading and writing information from sequential access storage, tepe for instance. 


    RAM retian no data when power off. If the data need to be saved they should be wrote into SRAM, a long-term storage device, such as hard disk. Compared with ROM, the biggest difference is the data stored on RAM disappears when power off.

    High Accessing Speed

    Among modern accessible devices RAM is almost the fastest in reading and writing, and access latency is negligible comparing with other mechanical operation.

    Need to Refresh

    The data storage of modern RAM depends on cpasitor. A charged cpaasitor represents 1 in binary, and uncharged represents 0. Because capasitor has more or less electric leakage, data will lose as time goes by without dispose. Refresh is regularly reading staus of  capasitor, then recover the lost electric charge by recharge. Needing refresh explains volatility of RAM.