A single capacity of 32GB, domestic large memory appears on the market, the price is very nice, do you want to buy it?

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2020-01-04

A single capacity of 32GB, domestic large memory appears on the market, the price is very nice, do you want to buy it?

In my opinion, I always feel that single 32G memory stick is still very far away, and it takes a long time to become popular. But the reality is that 32G memory sticks are already on the market. Although Samsung, Hynix all produced mostly notebook memories, and only a few desktop memories, single 32G memory stick really starts to become a common capacity format according to recent news. And memory manufacturers begin to produce 64G, 128G single memory.

Am I out of time just after I start to use the 8G*2 memory stick for a few years? It is really scary to think about this. In fact, you don't have to worry, single 32G memory stick like this is only suitable for a few users, such as users for rendering, large-scale computing and other activities. 8G * 2 is, in fact, basically enough for ordinary users. If it is not enough, the set of 16G * 2 will be enough.

According to recent news, the domestic single 32G memory stick has finally showed up on market. Although it is later than foreign brands, it finally come out. In terms of price, the domestic brands still have advantage. Although the online news say that its price is 999 yuan, it is actually 1099 yuan. However, as the price of memory sticks continues to fall, the 999yuan price is definitely just around the corner. In terms of timing, it did not perform well, even the 2666 has reached CL19. This is due to the use of double-sided particles. I believe that as the technology matures, the timing will definitely be reduced. Now it is just a demonstration of the strength of the product. After all, most of our users really don't need such large capacity.

The full name of the product is, Asgard Loki T2 32GB 2666 frequency DDR4 desktop memory 51 ° C gray, although the name looks very foreign, it is indeed a genuine domestic brand.

From the feedback of netizens, the motherboard of the Intel 300 series chipset, as long as there is a bios update, can directly use a single 32G motherboard, the new version of the MSI X99 bios can also recognize a single 32G. The memory of Asgard is a magnesium B-die. The production date is between June 24 and 28, 2019. It is very new. The overclocking performance in fairly ok, under the premise of constant timing, it can only exceed 3100Mhz, but this memory is not overclocked memory, it is only a single large-capacity memory.

Compare with the price of other single 32G memory sticks, the price of this memory stick is still very nice. Of course, I am looking forward to see more products on the market, so that everyone has more abundant choice.