Amethystum releases an optical storage data report: optical storage media as optimal solution for data storage in the future

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-06-2

In the information age, data shows explosive growth trend, but the loss of massive data also poses a greater challenge to storage media. Recently, Amethystum has released a report entitled "Optical Storage Solving Big Data Storage", which thinks that optical storage is the best solution for big data storage and can effectively solve many problems faced by the storage industry. However, as one of the four main storage media, does optical storage have such huge advantages to become a trend of storage in the future?

Optical storage data report of Amethystum

In current society, the amount of global data will doubles every 12 months. With the rapid economic development and the implementation of information construction, the amount of Chinese data ranks first in the world. According to IDC's forecast, the total global data will reach 44ZB by 2020, among which China will account for 18%. Faced with such a huge amount of data, how to save it cheaply and safely for a long time is a major and urgent problem for Chinese storage industry to solve.

Among major storage media at present, solid state drives, hard disk drives and magnetic tapes have only 5 to 7 years of service life, so it is difficult to store data for a long time. Before the storage media are damaged, it contributes great pressure to move data toward another new media in advance. In addition, these three storage media are also prone to degaussing, sudden damage, charge loss and other issues. This results in extremely large data security concerns when data is very easy to lose. What’s worse, the energy consumption caused by these three storage modes is also significantly high, which makes storage cost a surge. According to statistics, the global data storage will consume about the same amount of electricity as the global total annual oil power generation by 2025.

Optical storage has unique advantages

With the increasing challenges in storage capacity, operation and maintenance pressure, data security and energy consumption, the innovation and development of data storage media becomes an urgent task. Optical storage has gradually become the best solution of data storage based on its great advantages of security, durability and low energy consumption.

Optical storage is affected by the medium on the surface of the optical disk. There are a lot of bumpy pits on the optical disk, so when light shines on it, there are different reflections, and then different reflections are converted into 0 and 1 to be stored in optical disk. This is the reason why optical storage cannot be tampered, and can store data stably for a long time. Compared with other media, it is safer and more reliable. In addition, the recording layer of Amethystum CD-ROM is made of inorganic alloy material, which can resist oxidation and extreme conditions. Amethystum CD-ROM has a life of more than 50 years, with high durability and low energy consumption.


Amethystum optical storage realizes autonomous controllability

As the leader of optical storage industry, Amethystum is the only Chinese domestic enterprise with independent intellectual property rights, which can be industrialized and applied to commercial large data storage and archive-level Blu-ray CD. Amethystum is able to realize the autonomous control of the core technology of optical storage media. When foreign companies always control the core media of solid state drives, the breakthrough of Amethystum in optical storage media is precious. It not only points out the direction for the development of the industry, but also eliminates the monopoly of foreign companies about the core technology of data storage. Amethystum’s autonomous control of the core technology in optical storage media has become the reliable guarantee of national data security.

In August 2018, Amethystum won the bid for 2018 Industrial Strong Foundation Project, got scientific and technological achievements evaluation from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and was selected as the demonstration enterprise. Nowadays, Amethystum is the national key cultivation enterprise in the field of optical storage.

As one of the four main storage media, optical storage has become the development trend of data storage in the future, thanks to its security, durability and low energy consumption. Optical storage has laid a solid foundation for data value mining. After eight years of effective exploration in data storage industry, Amethystum has found its own way of optical storage. In the future, it will shoulder the responsibility of industry development and national security, and promote data innovation and industry empowerment in depth.