The notebook is also upgrading, let me teach you how to play with the notebook memory!

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-12-25

The notebook is also upgrading, let me teach you how to play with the notebook memory!

It’s time to prepare for the new year again, are you considering upgrading your computer hardware? If you want to make your own computer a plus version, the most convenient, fast, and cost-effective way is to replace the memory module and install a large hard disk, giving your GPU and CPU enough space to display your fists.

We all know that the desktop can be used when the plug is plugged in. What should we do about laptops? This requires us to "softly" split the machine. For those who have never tried to disassemble, what are the places that you should pay attention to? Let me give you a brief introduction.

1. Can the notebook be dual channel?

The dual channel for the desktop unit is relatively simple, because there are usually at least two or even four memory slots on the motherboard. Can the notebook be operated in the same way? This depends on the specific model of your book, especially the thin and light one. In order to reduce the size of its own size and the space occupied by components, the slot of the memory card is generally controlled within two positions, or even only one position, but these two seats are enough for us to install two memory modules. When making dual-channel, pay attention that install two 4G RAM strips is much more effect than the single 16G RAM. Similar to that two-person works better than one, the dual card can work at the same time when playing games or Working, the efficiency is improved during these kinds of high-load process.

If you have two memory bars of inconsistent size, can you install them at the same time? In fact, it is ok, but it will be based on the card with the lowest frequency, avoiding the situation that one card is exhausted while the other card is idle.

2. How to install

First of all, you have to use a small screwdriver to screw off the back of the notebook and open the back cover, try to be gentle when you do this! After removing the back cover, you can clearly see a lot of components, find the location of the memory stick, and there will be a buckle on both sides, the memory can be easily replaced with a single click. There are also a lot of notebooks that don't need to be disassembled to replace memory. There is a small cover at the back, which is the home of the memory stick. After installing it, check the system settings and reinstall if there is any problem.

3. Capacity discharge phenomenon

After you install the memory module, turn on the computer, can't wait to see if it is installed successfully, you will find that the system tells you that the memory capacity has shrunk. For example, if you installed an 16G RAM Memory, you will see that only 15G can be used. You may curse the seller. In fact, you are completely wrong about these people. That part of the traffic is only occupied by the graphics card. Don't worry about this.