What are Advantages of storages with High Capacity

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2020-01-13

What are Advantages of storages with High Capacity

Samsung sold out the single ram of 32 GB for laptops not long ago, and quite a few manufacturers announced that their mainboards are available to 32GB. Then why storages with high capacity are needed? Many people believed that storages with high capacity will not suffer jams. When should we use storages with high capacity?

Big Data Calculation

The operating capacity of PCs is so low that only 8G and 16G are commonly seen. While personnel working on high-performance operation have a limitless demand for memory capacity. Usually, large and medium enterprises or some scientific research institutions have a high demand for the operating capacity. A single memory of 32 GB is not enough for operation with large data volume, therefore, there will be a single memory of 64GB and even 128GB.


Large memory is needed in rendering including the post production of videos. Adobe Premiere or AE software which calls for large memory especially when the resolution of videos becoming increasingly higher is usually used in such rendering. For designers, they need memory of at least 16GB and basically that of 32GB. They usually use mainboards with four memory slots. Therefore, this single memory of 32GB rolled out by Samsung brings great benefits to many people. Also, a small computer case and mainboard can support configuration with large memory.         

It is not needed in games

How much memory is needed in playing games? Actually, larger memory doesn’t mean better. Memory of 32GB is useless for playing games. At least there are no games that need such memory. Some foreign media have tested the effect of memory from 4GB to 32GB on games. When memory capacities are different, 4GB is not enough especially for large online games, and 8GB is merely enough but not for the latest games or that with bad optimization. 16GB can meet the configuration demand of all games, which means 32GB is unnecessary.

High Capacity Serves as a Tool for Productivity

High capacity means little to common users or game players, that is because high capacity usually has nothing to do with entertainment, instead, it serves as a tool for productivity. A computer of 32GB is enough for common consumers. Usually entrepreneurs and productivity platforms established for professional work demand for products with a high capacity. You can also buy these products if you are rich enough, such as the single storage of 32GB of Samsung which is sold at about RMB3000.
We can see from the above analysis that the single storage is usually bought by people who work on the high-performance operation and video rendering. They believe that high capacity should show a high performance. While common consumers believe that storages of 32GB are not useful with a lower cost performance though they can be seen on the task manager. Currently, storage of 32GB serves as a productivity tool instead an entertainment tool familiar to us.