Which SSD has the highest cost effective? What suits you is the best.

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-10-19

People who have helped their relatives and friends install their machines must have encountered a problem.  Many people don’t have clear performance requirements and only want to install a computer with high combination and fast speed. But what is a high combination? If you move out to a strong E5 suit, your offer will directly scare the other person who only have thousands psychologically expecting.

Except the appropriate budget, the best way to find suitable product is to analyze the need. The cost performance ratio differs from people to people, and the key is that it suits you. Today, I will talk how to choose SSD in installing computer and upgrading computer.

Computer is not only an office device but also a study device. Even the requirement for computer configuration is not high in daily usage and study, an entry-level SSD with flash memory is still necessary for pleased experience. It would be disgraceful if a computer didn't work more smoothly than a flagship mobile phone.

Though many people used to use mobile phone, the website screen of computer is bigger and it is more convenient to switch websites. Chrome browser is fast, but it accounts for a lot of memory. The virtual memory carried by SSD can reduce the demand for DRAM physical memory in some extent.

Game entertainment is one of the important uses of home computers, and also an important growth point of DIY in recent years. It is necessary to have a SSD, if you want to smoothly play Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds with 8G memory. NVMe SSD is faster than SATA.

If the former classification of computer use is mainly for household use, then the graphic and image design work is serious work and commercial use. Batch image processing and video clipping require not only fast read response, but also sustained high-speed write capability and sufficient flash write life to ensure. The speed of writing not only will affect your mood but also your money. At this time, MLC flash SSD or NVMe SSD of original 3D flash memory is the most suitable choice.

The field of commercial use also includes CAD drafting. It has lower storage capacity requirement than video clipping and 3D design, but it needs faster loading speed. So a SSD is necessary. If a SSD is enough, you can give up mechanical hard disk.