18 Chinese papers is selected in ISSCC 2019 with a memory chip paper firstly debuting

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2018-12-02

There will be several top academic conferences in semiconductor area. There are ISSCC is at the beginning of the year, which is trendsetting in semiconductor area, Hotchips in midyear and IEDM at the end of the year. With the development of Chinese semiconductor, more papers are selected in ISSCC. There are only 3 papers of mainland China selected in 2013. The paper number of mainland China, Hongkong and Taiwan is 6, which exceeds Japan for the first time with 14 papers in 2018. The paper number of mainland China, Hongkong and Macao is up to 18 in ISSCC 2019, 9 papers of whom are from mainland China and one storage paper is selected for the first time.


    ISSCC, an International Semiconductor Solid State Circuit Symposium which has been held by SSCS since 1953, has become the International conference on solid-state circuits which has largest scale , supreme authority and highest level with a history more than 60 years. It also has a reputation of Olympic Congress, which is widely received because the chips test result are only published after they are selected. 

    ICCAD of Chinese IC design industry was convened in Zhuhai earlier. On the news conference of IEEE ISSCC 2019 convened yesterday,Yu Chengbin, the IEEE fellow and chief representative for China of ISSCC, introduced selected papers of mainland China, Hongkong and Macao. The number of selected papers is up to 18, which replaces Tai Wan to be the third after America and Korea.

    There are 609 papers in total this year, among whom are 193 selected papers with a low passing rate. 9 papers of mainland China is mainly from colleges, including 3 papers from Fudan University, 2 papers from Tsinghua University, one paper from Southeast University and the other one is from ADI China. Meanwhile, there are 8 papers and one paper from Macao and Hongkong respectively.

    Whats more, SmartSens announced their paper about CIS multiple sensor image was selected by ISSCC 2019 earlier, which is the first Chinese enterprise to be selected for the first time.

    18 domestic papers cover 8 fields such as power management, RF circuit and system, data converter, artificial circuit, digital circuit, wire communication and storage, among whom the storage paper of Southeast University is selected in ISSCC 2019 for the first time.