A cooperation between UNIS and PHISON, expected to launch UNIS SSD by integrating YMTC NAND with PHISON controller

Source:   Editor: Jacquelyn Update Time :2018-12-25

UNISGROUP is a pioneer in the development of memory chips in China. In the past two years, UNISGROUP acquired XMC, and then established YMTC, which mainly develops and produces NAND flash. In addition, UNISGROUP also has subsidiaries such as GOSINOIC and UNIS, making DDRM and storage solutions, respectively. Yesterday afternoon, UNIS and PHISON reached a strategic cooperation agreement that they will deepen cooperation in memory chip supply chain, product design, OEM production and other fields, and establish a close partnership in the future. After this cooperation, there is a possibility that YMTC will supply NAND flash, while PHISON provides controller, allowing UNIS to launch its own SSD products.


    Chairman of PHISON Jiancheng Pan, global executive vice president of UNISGROUP and chairman of UNIS Daojie Ma, president of YMTC Qiwei Ren, and other senior officials attended the signing ceremony, which shows that this cooperation has been highly valued by both sides. Pan pointed out that PHISON has been working on flash memory industry for nearly 20 years, and that maintaining an open and cooperative attitude is the cornerstone of long-term competitiveness. PHISON established strategic alliances with various semiconductor factories, and has been affirmed by upstream and downstream partners in purchasing flash, designing controller chip, and providing one-stop technical products and services. As a rising star in the storage industry, UNIS is expected to play an important role in the semiconductor industry, so PHISON hopes to create new opportunities for both sides by strategic cooperation.

    Ma said that UNIS actively carry out upstream and downstream cooperation, and has established strategic partnership with many well-known manufacturers in the industry. Based on the storage wafer of YMTC and its partner, UNIS gradually build up a complete storage industry ecosystem of designing controller chip, developing system product, testing particle packaging, manufacturing SSD, marketing and servicing. A strong and comprehensive cooperation between UNIS and PHISON is an important measure for the prosperity of storage industry ecosystem of UNIS, which further promotes its innovation and development and creates greater profits for both sides.

    According to the declaration of cooperation between the two sides, UNIS will depend on the supply of YMTC NAND flash in the future, and work with PHISON in controller chip. But in the future, it will build a one-step service for designing controller, packaging particles, manufacturing SSD, marketing and servicing. Given that YMTC will mass produce 64-layer stacking 3D NAND flash next year, its expected that UNIS will launch its own SSD products by integrating domestic NAND flash with PHISON controller as soon as next year.