Breaking through technical barrier again with 9-nanometer lithography machine promotes upgrade of Chinese industry

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-06-07

The opening of the last century eighty's in China promotes its economy integrating in global economy. With China’s economy bloom and its proper long-term strategy, capability of various industries is accelerating by economic development, which also gets attention from Western Countries, especially Western powers.
In order to prevent China obtaining technology, Western powers adopts arms embargo to stop advanced weapons technology reveal. Foreign science-and-technology enterprises want to get huge profits in civil sci-tech industry from China, while they greatly increase technical barrier. However, the huge human resources and research team play a significant role. There are continuous major breakthroughs in both defense industry and civilian technology. It is said that China has break through 9-nanometer lithography machine technology, which marks breaking down Western high-tech barriers.
Lithography machine may be new to people, while products produced by it are used in daily life, such as smart phone, computer and other electronics, whose chips are made by it. It is mainly used to carve circuit on silicon board. The smaller the chip board is, the denser the circuit is, which also has higher demands on lithography machine resulting in higher importance of lithography technology. Current lithography machine focuses on 14nm level. 7nm and 9nm lithography machine are more advanced. Lithography technology is master in Japan, German and Netherlands, especially Netherlands is a leader of this industry. Unfortunately, the lithography machine produced by Dutch companies is embargo against China. As Chinese industries are in great need of electronical production and categories, the impact is such huge that it restricts the industry upgrade. As a result, China has invested a great deal of fund and manpower in developing lithography machine.
It is the team lead by Gan Zongsong in Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics. They use a couple of laser beams in self-developed lithography machine to break through diffraction-limited beams, which carves the narrowest 9nm line width. It has completely independent property rights which is different form Western lithography technology. It won’t be long for this 9nm technology coming into application from laboratory, meanwhile, Chinese chip manufacturing will greatly reduce importing dependency. What’s more, Chinese can make independent design on more advanced chip to take major position in heavier electronics competition.
Lithography machine a core equipment of modern chip manufacturing, while its technology is mastered by Japan, German and Netherlands. Expensive products produced by them cost hundreds of millions of dollars, which can be sold to other countries even they are such expensive.