Gartner: Samsung tops global semiconductor market in 2018

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2019-01-08
Due to memory industry growth, global semconductor market increases by 13% of last year, according to BusinessKoreas report on January 8th. Samsung gets the top position with a 15.9% market share; SK Hynix ranking third place has a 38.2% revenue compared with last year to be the fastest one among top ten companies.


(Note: Intel ranks the second place.)

Global semiconductor revenue reaches $476.6 billion in last year with a 13% YoY growth, according to a proliminary report of 2018 global semiconductor market released by Gartner, a market-research company. The proportion of memory chips in total semiconductor revenue is largest, which is up to 34.8% in 2018 from 31% in 2017.

Samsung has a $75.9 billion revenue of last year with a 15.9% share, which is on worlds top. Its semiconductor revenue increases by 26.7% compared with a year before.

SK Hynix has a $36.4 billion revenue with a 7.6% share. Its revenue increases by 38.2%, which is fastest among global top ten semiconductor companies.

Semiconductor revenue increases by 27.2% in 2018, which almost accouts for 35% shares in semiconductor market. Semiconductor memory not only takes largest part of whole market, but also has fastest growth rate. It is because average DRAM prices steadily rise in most time of last year except for the fourth quarter according to Gartner.

Average NAND flash memory prices of last year, by contrast, fall due to oversupply. However, its revenue increases by 6.5% as SSD adoption rate and smart phone content increasing.

According to Gartner, memory growth will slow down and semiconductor company rankings may change this year, so it is necessary for them to deal with limited growth.