Intel: 10 nm products will be launched by the end of next year, with a satisfactory for the research and development of 7 nm process

Source:   Editor: Jacquelyn Update Time :2018-12-10

Intel reiterates that it will launch 10 nm processors by the end of 2019 and supply them to the server market in 2020, according to Extreme Tech. He also said that the research and development of 10 nm and 7 nm process is separate, but Intel is currently satisfied with the 7 nm process.

    Intel Murthy Renduchintala talked in detail about Intel's vision of 10 nm and 7 nm process at the 39th Nasdaq Investor Conference.

    Even if the 10 nm process is repeatedly difficult to produce, the original target remains unchanged. Renduchintala pointed out that the third generation of 14 nm processors has made remarkable progress. More importantly, Intels aim of power consumption, performance and crystal density for the 10 nm process in 2014 remains unchanged.

    Intel also refutes the rumors that 7 nm R&D is blocked. Renduchintala emphasized the R&D of 10 nm and 7 nm process is separate and will not interfere with each other. Therefore, 7 nm process will not delay for a long period like 10 nm process. Intel is currently satisfied with the progress of 7 nm and has gained a lot of lessons and experience from the 10 nm process.

    Intel's 7 nm process will be based on EUV micro-shadow technology. As for Intel's rival AMD, it has changed from 12 nm to 7 nm process. Its expected that the first 7 nm processor, codenamed Rome, will be launched in the first half of 2019.