Micron 5210 ION QLC SSD has mass production which is ambitious to replace HDD

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2018-11-9

Micron 5210 ION SSD is the worlds first QLC SSD, released in May. But Micron announced that it starts mass production and widely used by its partner recently. In the meanwhile, some client QLC SSD come into the market, including Micron Crucial P1.

    Micron 5210 ION is an enterprise-class SATA hard disk, with disk type of 2.5 inches and 7mm, and three types of capacity including 1.92TB, 3.84TB and 7.68TB. It use Microns 64 layer stacking 3D QLC flash memory. And the sequential read speed of each capacity is 540 MB/s, write speed is 260MB/s, 350 MB/s and 360 MB/s, and 4K random access performance falls into 70k/13k, 83k/6.5k and 90k/4.5k IOPS.

    Its main objective is replacing the HDD on server. Comparing with HDD, 5210 IONs random read speed rises 175 times, write speed rises 30 times, continuous transmission speed doubles, and TB performance ratio triples. Whats more, it is smaller with 2.5 inches disk type, which helps user to put double amount of 5210 ION SSD into a 2U rack. It is space-saving and suitable for intensive workloads, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and real time analysis, big data, object storage, business intelligence, NoSQL database, media stream and so on.

    TensorFlow load for example, when using 5210 ION the speed of TFRecord creating, assimilating and image classification is 8 times higher than HDD. 100,000 pictures with 2.3TB data use 15.17 hours, while Micron 5210 ION just finishes in 1..87 hours.

    Micron 5120 ION has mass production to global distributors, dealers and system makers without specific price, but it is a rival of HDD.