Micron makes volume production of 12Gb LPDDR4X memory: frequency is 4266bps and a 10% reduction of power consumption

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2018-11-10

As the more and more larger capacity of smart phone, flash memory is basically 64GB or over, 128GB has been mainstream. Memory chips is generally 6GB or over, high-end is up to 8GB even 10GB. Taking memory capacity to next level, besides the expectation of price decline, it depends on the mass production of high-capacity LPDDR4. Today Micron announces its mass production of LPDDR4X momory mainly with 12GB capacity, 1Ynm technology(10nm level), whose frequency is 4266Mbps and a 10% reduction of power consumption. Capacity of smart phone will up to 12GB next year.

    Micron says its 12GB LPPDR4X particle has the maximum capacity and fastest speed in the industry. Fastest is real, but Micron 12GB LPDDR4X memory is not the maximum capacity. Samsung announced its LPDDR4X memory with mainly 16Gb capacity, and frequency is also 4266Mbps.

    12Gb particles mean that single core has 1.5GB capacity, octa-core has 6GB capacity and octa-core has 12GB capacity. 12GB high-end smart phone is about to come out next year.

    Other than the frequency reaches up to 4266Mbps, Micron says its LPDDR4X memory has advantage in power consumption with a 10% reduction.

    Micron 12Gb LPDDR4X memory uses 1Ynm technology, official says it is 10nm level. This statement always mislead the media conglomerate peers, who thinks it is 10nm technology but it is the second generation of 10nm level technology after 1Xnm. 1Xnm is about from 16 to 19nm, and 1Y is from 14 to 16nm technology. The reason why it is such vague is because DRAM technology is facing all kinds of difficulties after 20nm node. The target of line width has no explicit value, so replace by XYZ, and follow by 1α and 2α technology.