PCle SSD will occupy 50% share of the market and become predominant product in memory storage industry.

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-04-20

Affected by the sharp drop in the price of NAND flash chips, global shipments of solid-state drives are expected to increase by 20-25% from 200 million units in 2018. It is predicted that PCIe solid-state drives are expected to become the new mainstream product by the end of 2019. According to the experts from Memory Storage industry, the market share of PCle SSD will be 50%, it is almost same as SATA solid-state drives.

According to the source of NAND Flash industry, with the significant improvement in 3D NAND flash memory technology and the increase rate of production ability; the minimum capacity of SSD will be 256 GB. Furthermore the 480GB SSD is emerging as the mainstream of the consumer market in 2019. 

CK Chang, president of Apacer Technology, said that PCIe SSD in consumer market would gradually replace SATA SSD by better performance. He added that PCIe SSD would soon be widely used for data storage in industrial control systems and data centers.
According to market sources, the unit price of 5129 PCIe SSD continuously fell 11% reaching to $55 in the first quarter of 2019, while the unit price of SATA SSD comparatively fell 9%, and the price gap between the two types of SSD has continued to narrow from the 30% in 2018. 

The average unit price of one 512GB solid-state drive has fallen to the same level as the 256 GB solid-state drive offered one year ago, and the price of a solid-state drive is expected to fall from 512GB to 1TB for the rest of 2019, the related source reported.
The decline in the average selling price of consumer Gen 3.0x2 PCIe SSD installed in laptops will accelerate the adoption of such SSD by OEM vendors. In addition, along with the application of cloud computing, 5G, and autopilot will further stimulate the market demands for PCIe SSD, as the consumers have high demand for higher storage capacity and speed. And it encourages brand suppliers to speed up the production of this lucrative storage device and related chips, the source pointed out. 
The IC designing companies from Taiwan Such as Silicon Motion Technology, Phison Electronics and Silicon Integrated Systems, are racing to launch enhanced PCI SSD controller chips, while major brand suppliers such as Kingston Technology, Adata Technology, Transcend Information, Seagate and Micron have listed PCIe SSD as their mainstream product line.