Q3 financial report of Samsung electronics comes out!The operating profit is 15.4 billion dollars

Source:   Editor: Lucky Update Time :2018-10-11

On October 5, Samsung announced the Note9 series, which not only have high screen-to-body ratio but also upgrade significant performance. Latest news, Samsung electronics released the third-quarter financial report on Friday, which made the record of profit growth, and the operating profit increased 20.44 percent compared with a year ago.

    Samsung electronics reported the performance of the third quarter(from July to September). The operating profit is 17.5 trillion won ($15.4 billion), which is higher than 14.53 trillion won in the same period last year, foreign media reported. Revenue rose 4.75 percent year on year to 65 trillion won ($57.2 billion). The more detailed net income has not been released yet, which is not the final financial report of Samsung electronics in the third quarter.

    Finally, some analysts say the biggest advantage for Samsung electronics is that the price of DRAM chips has been rising. Because supply exceeds demand, NAND chips of Samsung, used in long-term data storage, having prices falling by more than half in the third quarter. And the majority of analysts also predicted that DRAM price would accelerate its decline.