Samsung officially released 860 QVO SSD, which has a larger capacity and lower price than before.

Source:   Editor: Lucky Update Time :2018-11-28

Now, there are several manufacturers have launched SSD, which uses QLC flash memory. Samsung has been slightly behind in the application of QLC. Today Samsung officially released its first SSD with adoption of QLC flash memory --- Samsung 860 QVO. According to Samsung, this is also a 4bit MLC and 4bit multi-layer unit flash memory.

    Samsung 860 QVO adopts MJX master control and 64-layer 3D QLC flash memory stacked by the fourth generation V-NAND technology, and its Die Size directly reaches 1TB. Its capacity is starting from 1TB, and can reach up to 2TB or 4TB. The version of adopted interface is still SATA 6Gbps, and the size of disk is traditional 2.5 inch/7mm. We have no idea about the original writing speed of QLC flash memory, but it is comparable with current TLC disk with the help of Intelligent TurboWrite. The 860 QVO has a continuous reading and writing speed of 550/520 MB/s, and its random speed of reading and writing can reach 97000/89,000 IOPS. The 1TB disk is equipped with a 42GB SLC Cache, but the cache size of 2TB and 4TB disk can reach up to 78GB.

    860 QVO will become available globally in this December, and the suggested retail price of 1TB type is $149.99. it’s worth noting that the shelf life of 860 QVO is only 3 years, while that of 860 PRO/EVO is 5 years. In the series of 860 QVO, the TBW of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB types is 360TB, 720TB and 1440 TB. The TBW of 860 EVO series is 600TB, 1200TB and 2400TB, which is more durable than 860 QVO of similar capacity.

    Before its official global release, online shopping malls in Europe have started selling 860 QVO. The prices of 1TB, 2TB and 4TB types start at 117.5($133.59), 225.96($256.92) and 451.93($513.84) Euros respectively, which don’t include any tax. Even if the 19% consumption tax is included, the price will be 140($159.18), 270($306.99) and 540($613.98) Euros, but the current price of EVO series is 160($181.92), 380($432.06) and 850($966.45) Euros, which is still higher than that of 860 QVO series.