SD 7.0 standard released, with maximum transmission speed of 985 MBs and maximum capacity of 128TB in SD UC

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-05-2

During MWC Shanghai Conference, SD Association published the main contents of SD 7.0 standard.
SD 6.0 standard was released in CES 2017. Its relatively big change was to define UHS-III bus interface, which can achieve 624 MB/s in full duplex mode.

This current SD 7.0 changes even more. PCIe 3.0 and NVMe 1.3 are formally introduced as new bus standards to achieve SD card with SSD performance.

In the future, SD EX I (SD Express) will be added to SD cards (including microSD cards). It represents a theoretical maximum transmission speed of 985 MB/s. Of course, the premise is that your SD cards and reading media (such as digital cameras, notebooks, etc.) support SD Express specification.

Meanwhile, as part of SD 7.0 specification, SD UC card (including microSD UC card) with ultra capacity has also been officially introduced, which means that theoretical maximum capacity has been upgraded to 128TB.

Here is a brief explanation. SD cards are divided into are SD (basically eliminated), SD HC and SD XC, and their maximum capacity is 2GB, 32GB and 2TB, respectively.
SD 7.0 also maintains downward compatibility, so you don’t worry about adaptation during the transition period.