The prices of small capacity NAND flash memory are stealthily bouncing back while SSD prices reduction is in full swing

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2018-11-22

According to Digitimes, the prices of small capacity NAND flash memory products are bouncing back recently. Specifically, memory cards with 8/16GB capacity and USB flash disk are rising. Meanwhile, eMMC flash memory prices reduction also comes to an end, which is solid enough to have any falling space. Nevertheless, total contract prices of flash memory wont be affected by the small part products. As a matter of fact, it slide by between 10% and 15% in the third quarter, and it is predicted to decreased by 15% in this quarter and maintain to fall until the first quarter of next year.

    SSD for example, the average prices of 120GB SSD in the third quarter is at a record low of $24. The recent quotation in channel is up to $20.

    Because there will be a mass production of 72-layer, 96-layer 3D stacking QLC flash memory SSD next year, these products with theoretical service life exchanged for cost performance will be perfect to enhance market share of SSD bands for future years.