There will be hundreds of TSMC 7nm chips next year with a $12 billion annual contribution

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2018-11-21

TSMC is a gaint of foundry industry, whose 7nm technology is in full swing. Even if there are problems such as Sino US trade war, recession of mining damand and downturn of smart phone sales, 7nm will help TSMC set a new record in the fourth quarter after recording in the third quarter.

    Meanwhile, although it is rumoured that Apple has cut back on a part of A12 processor orders, TSMC still predicts there will be more than 100 kinds of chips based extreme ultraviolet lithography taping out, which is more than doubled of  this year. Its major accouts include Huawei, Qualcomm, AMD, NVIDIA and Xillinx.

    Therefore, TSMC is very optimistic about the prospect of 7nm process in next few years and predicts annual income will stably meet $10-12 billion in 2019.

    TSMC previously announced, 7nm EUV had taped out, which is firstly applied with EUV technology by TSMC although it was only in a few critical layers. Wei Zhejia, the CEO of TSMC, said TSMC planned to begin mass production of 7nm EUV in 2020.

    TSMCs 7nm process is in full speed and will contribute more than 20% of its wafer income for TSMC in the fourth quarter of this year. The annual proportion will be close to 10% and will be more than 20% in next year.

    VIS owned by TSMC also has a great confidence because of the booming 2K/4K large size battery-powered IC, power discrete and power management IC.

    However, due to global economy and financial turbulence, TSMC and VIS has a conservative attitude about revenue of next year.