Tsinghua Unigroup makes mass production of its enterprise 3D flash memory packaing and testing which will be used in high-capacity SSD

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2019-01-08

Tsinghua Unigroup officially annouces its subsidiary has made packaging and testing for mass production of high-capacity enterprise 3D NAND flash memory chip. It means that OSAT industry has a breakthrough in advanced 3D NAND flash packaging technologies, which helps Tsinghua Unigroup to complete a entire industrial chain. UNIMOS, which used to be a subsidiary of Chipmos Technology in Taiwan, is bought by Tsinghua Unigroup in June, 2017, finally becomes the biggest shareholder who leads operation. It is now focusing on packaging and testing of memory after a series of strategic adjustment and trnasformation.

It is introduced that UNIMOS has an experienced technical team, advanced processing technologies and a complete quality system, which offers clients diversified OSAT solutions. Meanwhile, it has automotive quality system, more than a decade of experience in producing and testing vehcle level products. According to memory chip strategic planning of Tsinghua Unigroup, UNIMOS has built brand new 3D NAND packaging and testing production line since April, 2018. It also form a team to develop advanced OSAT technologies. Clean room is built in May, 2018, which begins tipping out in June, completing products initial verification in September and passing clients internal validation in November.  

UNIMOS just takes more than half a year to finish development and authentication of all products, realize mass production and deliver 3D NAND chip particle used in enterprise SSD to UNIC MEMORY.  

So far, UNIMOS has become a one-stop service providor of whole packaging and testing of series memory, including 3D NAND(Raw NAND/eMMC/UFS/eMCP/TF card), 2D NAND, NOR, DRAM, SRAM and so on.