Tsinghua Unigroup releases secret USB disk based on Xtacking and will make volume production of 64-layer 3D NAND

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2018-11-12

The fifth World Internet Conference opens on November 7 in Wuzhen, Zhejiang. Tsinghua Unigroup shows the removable security storage with Chinas first storage core and Tsinghua Unigroups security chip, which is called UNISLAN whole new implicit fingerprint secret USB disk. It is launched by all of UNIC Memory Technology of Tsinghua Unigroup, YMTC and GUOXIN MICRO.

    UNISLAN whole new implicit fingerprint secret USB disk uses 3D flash particles of YMTC and high performance security chip and hidden small matrix array fingerprint sensor of GOUXN MICRO. It uses full disk encryption scheme. Its internal storage space divides into UNISLAN security U disk and UNISLAN safe box. As share disk, UNISLAN security U disk has no difference with ordinary U disk, and it is available for rapid sharing. UNISLAN safe box only displays with fingerprint or password entry, which greatly ensures concealing and safety. Meanwhile, this U disk supports entering of multiple fingerprint users, which guarantees both safety and collaborative.

    It deserves special concern that the 3D flash particle carried by UNISLAN security U disk is the first high-profile YMTC storage core in China. China has worlds largest semiconductor market for a long time, but highly depends on import.in storage chips area. Yang Shining, the CEO of YMTC said this 3D NAND flash chip costs $1 billion, and is developed by a group of 1000 people in 2017, which lasts 2 years. The YMTC 3D flash chip, with proprietary intellectual property rights, is the nearest of Chinese research and produce level with world class in high-end storage chips, which realizes breakthrough of Chinese zero mainstream chips. The launch of UNISLAN security U disk, is the first time to apply flash chips made in China to removable storage product. It helps Chinese consumers to use their own flash chips with independence in design and manufacturing. 

    It is said that YMTC 32-layer 3D flash chip will be in mass production in the fourth quarter in 2018. 64-layer 3D flash chip is being developed and its mass production is in 2019 as expected, with a ground-breaking technology, Xtacking. This technology will bring an unprecedented high performance to 3D flash chip, including higher storage density and shorter product manufacturing period. As the advance of YMTCs volume production, Chinese storage market is hopeful to get rid of monopoly of import chips. The embedding of YMTC flash chip in UNISLAN secret USB disk is well begun of Chinas first storage core. With both of Chinas first storage core and specialized high performance fingerprint processing security core, UNISLAN secret USB disk will have a strong performance in the market. And its launch has a profound influence in Chinas storage industry and semiconductor industry, which is historic.