Western Digital released a special SD card for monitoring:there is a large layout behind the small card.

Source:   Editor: admin Update Time :2019-05-3

Video surveillance market is booming and front-end storage demand is exuberant

In the past, we talked about data around computers, data centers and mobile phones; now, with the development of intelligent cities, artificial intelligence, automatic driving and other technologies, the application scenarios of data generation are also changing. Among them, the ubiquitous video surveillance system can shoot all kinds of life and work scenes around us at any time and generate a large amount of data. The analysis results are also directly related to our life and work, and play an important role.

According to data shared by Western Digital, the surveillance camera market shipped about 100 million units in 2016. By 2021, that is to say, after three years, the global shipment will reach 160 million units, with a compound annual growth rate of 9% to 10%. It presents a very vigorous market development trend.

At the same time, the requirement of picture quality for monitoring system is getting higher and higher. The application of 4K HD, WDR and S2N technology meets the needs of high-definition video surveillance screen, which also puts forward higher requirements for the performance and life of terminal memory card.

The Western Digital Purple microSD mobile card (Purple Card) launched by Western Digital is for this purpose.

Western Digital Purple microSD mobile card

"Western Digital Purple microSD mobile card is a brand-new product launched for the great demand of the whole video surveillance industry, especially for the embedded edge, which is specially designed to meet the storage demand of the security surveillance camera in the future." Ms. Zhang Dan, Marketing Director of embedded integrated solutions products of Western Digital Group, said.

Excellent performance and durability can meet the requirements of HD video

Whether it is an enterprise that uses surveillance video to protect its asset security, or a retailer who uses video face recognition to accurately analyze shopping behavior, real-time monitoring content capture, acquisition and evaluation analysis are crucial.

The Western Digital PurplemicroSD mobile card is designed for 24 / 7 round-the-clock video capture, and its powerful and continuous video surveillance performance allows surveillance system operators to feel at ease.


The card has excellent performance to access and save a variety of high-precision and next-generation formats, including 4K high-definition video, and gives you the flexibility to move data to core data systems for analysis and fast insight into business. Writing speed and reading speed are 80MB and 50MB, which are adapted to the needs of the mainstream industry and can cover the needs of the mainstream industry far away.

The new removable memory card adopts a rugged moisture-proof design, operating at temperatures from-25 degrees to 85 degrees. It works in shock proof, high temperature resistance and humidity resistance, so it is more suitable for extreme environment and various indoor and outdoor working scenes. And reliable video capture capabilities can be provided even in a variety of harsh environments, including snowy winter outdoor environments, hot and humid factory indoor environments.

The Western Digital Purple microSD mobile card has 1000 PE cycles. At the same time, there is a register for health detection to monitor the life of the product, which can facilitate customers to detect and observe how much card life has been used.

The big layout behind the card: from the terminal to the core


The release of the West MicroSD card has enriched the product series of Western Data Purple Family, and completed its terminal-to-core layout in the field of video surveillance.

In practical application, MicroSD card is applied to the front end, while the previously released WD Purple is applied to the NVR and DVR end, and the enterprise hard disk Ultrastar is provided in the cloud service. The product line that runs through the terminal, the middle end and the cloud makes the western number solution more flexible to serve different industries with different needs. Through the optimization of storage, it can satisfy the transformation to faster and larger resolution, higher capacity and more storage mode for customer.