Will SanDisk and HGST go out as their owner is uniformly renaming products as Western Digital?

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2018-12-15

Western Digital has purchased many storage companies before and after to consolidate its leading position in storage industry, which enlarges its scale and product categories with HDD sales and manufacturing of SSD and SD cards. However, Western Digital gets into troubles of having too many kinds of products, which are too conflicting that they cant be uniformly renamed and having repetition in production lines. Thus, Western Digital takes lessons of it deciding to abandon some brands with accumulated awareness for a long time, which will rename all commercial and enterprise products to Western Digital. Is it means the former SanDisk and HGST will go out? Luckily the consumer products will be ramained.

    Western Digital has experienced twice large-scale acquisitions and incomputable small mergers, of whom there are two significant companies. One is HGST bought in 2012 which is used to enhance itself technologies and massing as a mechanical hard disk enterprise. The other is SanDisk bought in 2016 to get full access to flash memory industry. After all SSD which is overwhelming now will be a mainstream in the future, it is important to join in. There has been three major brand groups of Western Digital since then, which fall into WD, SanDisk and HGST.

    As a result, lots of products are conflicting and unable to unify brand naming and promotional position, which leads to a poor customer recognition. Western Digital will oritinate a brand integration to unify the confusion situation. Actually, some dealers have receieved notification in last month about uniformly integrating SSD, HDD and flash memory products in order to offer better product visibility and combination flexibility with simplification. But consumer products will keep the same, after all brand with a long term of reputation is very important.

    Technology: G-Drive series, G-RAID series, G-SPEED Shuttle series.

    SanDisk: Portable storage devices, SD/microSD card, U disk

    UpThere: UpThere home application

    WD: My Book series, My Cloud series, My Passport series, WD Elements series

    However, commercial and enterprise products will be uniformly renamed, so during the next several months all product series of Tegile, HGST, SanDisk and WD will turn into Western Digital.