YMTC plans to produce up to 100,000 64-layer 3D flash memory per month in the fourth quarter of next year.

Source:   Editor: Sharpay Update Time :2018-09-29

    According to Digitimes, there is a new development about YMTC invested by UNIS.

    According to CEO Dr. Yang Shining, the company plans to produce a large number of 64-layer stacked 3D NAND flash chips in the fourth quarter of next year.

    Datas show that the YMTC plant in Wuhan began to install equipment in April and will put into production of 32-layer 3D flash later this year. Yang Shining said that the 32-layer products are very mature and YMTC has begun to take a small number of orders.

    However, in terms of cost and market acceptance, the 64-layer is more competitive, so YMTC will devote more energy to this generation. As for the key technology, YMTC will introduce Xtacking, a new 3D NAND architecture, which is to independently processes peripheral circuits responsible for data I/O and memory cell operation on a single wafer, thereby increasing I/O speed to 3Gbps.

    We all know that the current target for speed of worlds fastest 3D NAND I/O is 1.4Gbps, but most NAND can only provide 1.0 Gbps or less.

    YMTC expects to turn its gross margin into a positive one with a monthly production capacity of 100,000 tablets after the mass production of 64-layer 3D flash.