Best MicroSD Cards of 2019: Flash Memory for Cameras, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, etc.

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If you are searching the best SD and microSD memory cards for cameras and smart phones of 2019, you make a right decision to come here. As described in this guide, we have gathered the best memory cards to enlarge storage space on your devices.

The best memory card will be possess of fast data transfer rate, which is crucial for recording at ultra high-definition (4K) resolution because your camera will write large amounts of data to the memory card.
Of course, the best memory cards can also provide urgently extra capacity for your devices to store more documents.
In 2019, there are variety of devices that require memory cards, such as smart phones, cameras, laptops, security cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles and so on. So, the list of best SD cards is helpful for ensuring you can gain the maximum benefit for your device.
In the list of best SD and microSD memory cards, we have value for speed and capacity and our price check software will help you get a favored price.
Best micro SD cards in 2019

1. Samsung Evo Plus
Best versatile micro SD card
Capacity: 32GB,64GB,128GB,256GB 
Interface: microSD
Fast, reliable, high price but speed is not fastest.
What the best SD card you can purchase is microSD card. You can use full-size card in conjunction with appropriate hardware. Although not the most flexible SD card on the market, the Samsung Evo Plu's 100 megabytes per second (MB / s) read speed and 90MB / s write speed are impressive. Not only that, but also a variety of sizes to choose from, so whether you need 32GB of storage or 128GB of storage, please feel free to use.

2. Samsung Pro plus
Best microSD card for video
Capacity: 32GB,64GB,128GB
Interface: microSD
Powerful speed and high price
If you're shooting a lot, especially 4K shots, you'll need a reliable microSD card that can write large amounts of data quickly, which is what the Samsung Pro + does. It is U3 rated with read/write speeds of 95MB/SEC and 90MB/SEC. The speed that the samsung Pro + microSD card can handle will be largely used for the everyday tasks, such as installing it on a smartphone, but for 4K video, it's a great purchase.

3.SanDisk Extreme Plus
Flagship microSD card
Capacity: 32GB,64GB,128GB
Interface: microSD
Very fast , good at writing small files but high price.
SanDisk claims that this microSD card can read up to 95MB / s and write to 90MB / s, which is very close to these speeds in testing. This makes it a very fast card, and for smaller files it's even faster, which means it's a good card for action cams, unmanned aerial vehicles or blasting photography. Then, it's a bit expensive, but if you don't mind spending a little more than odds, you'll get a great microSD card to meet your needs.

4. Lexar 1000x
Good value for money.
Capacity: 32GB,64GB,128GB
Interface: microSD
Convenient price, includes USB 3.0 adapter, speed is not fastest and unsteady performance
Although the Lexar 1000X is not the fastest microSD card here, it has many aspects that can make up for it. For example, its reading speed is still the fastest, and its pricing is cheaper than many competitors. Although its writing speed is not enough, this difference is not too obvious for many people. It also comes with a microSD to USB 3.0 adapter for easy file transfer to a PC.

5. Samsung Evo Select
Another excellent versatile microSD card
Capacity: 32GB,64GB,128GB
Interface: microSD
Fast speed, convenient price and Amazon exclusive
As you can see from the number of contestants on our best microSD list, Samsung is very good at producing fast, efficient and reliable microSD cards. The choice of Samsung Evo is another great all-rounder that can happily sit on a digital camera, unmanned aerial vehicle, phone or Nintendo switch game console. Although it doesn't perform well in any task, it is an outstanding performer. Currently, the Samsung Evo Select microSD card is only available from Amazon. While this makes finding bargains more difficult, it at least means you can safely buy them from reputable sellers.

6. SanDisk Ultra microSD
Large-capacity microSD card
Capacity: 16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB,200GB,256GB,400GB
Interface: microSD
Decent speed, large capacity, 4K but recording is not excellent.
The SanDisk Ultra microSD is an excellent microSD card for users looking for high capacity, and the latest version offers up to 400GB of storage. This should give you plenty of room to store high-resolution images and video files. Write speeds are good, but they are not the fastest we've ever seen. This can be a problem if you shoot with 4K, but for many people, the slower speed is worth the amount of storage you get.

7. Kingston microSD motion camera
Best choice for Go Pros.
Capacity: 16GB,32GB,64GB 
Interface: microSD
Very powerful and fast. It's no surprise if you don't use it in a motion camera.
If you're looking for a microSD card to put on a motion camera, such as the Go Pro, then you want something that can record data quickly and withstand drops, shocks and splashes. This is where the Kingston microSD motion camera comes in - it's designed for motion cameras. This means it has an incredibly robust design and good reading/writing speed. If you're just trying to use it on a smart phone, it's a bit of overkill, so one of the other microSD CARDS on this list might be more suited to your needs

8. Integral 512GB microSDXC Class 10 memory card
Another ultra large-capacity microSD card
Capacity: 32GB,64GB,128GB,256GB,512GB
Interface: microSD
Large capacity, fast speed and slow video speed
There are many microSD cards with low-capacity to choose, if you just need to add extra space to your smart phone or tablet. While if you need to take a lot of high-resolution images or use a modern smart phone to support microSD cards up to 2TB, the size of the Integral 512GB microSDXC Class 10 memory card is definitely worth considering, which provides 512GB of huge storage space. Of course, if you don't need that much, you can also choose a smaller version which is suitable for your microSD card compared to those who need to store large files.
How to choose microSD memory card
It's not worth looking for a memory card with a capacity of less than 4GB, because the price premium you pay is very small.
Please make sure to include the delivery price when executing the number, because the final postage is usually higher than the driver, especially for low-cost types.
If you plan to choose a large capacity card (32GB or more), please make sure your device is compatible with SDXC.
If you plan to move files in and out of your portable device (tablet or smart phone), please consider using a MicroUSB card reader, such as Leef Access.
Avoid buying memory cards from suppliers with little feedback on the auction site, as these drives may be fake. All of the vendors listed below are tried and trusted.
SD cards with 128GB or more capacity are often cheaper because users can usually use 64GB which matches the maximum supported capacity of most portable devices. In general, the cost of a microSD card with an adapter is lower than that of an equivalent SD card.
Please note that all capacity may be much smaller than the specified capacity when formatting.
SD cards are usually divided into several categories to provide an overview of the expected minimum performance. Level 4 cards are guaranteed to provide at least 4MBps, while Level 10 is guaranteed to exceed 10MBp.
Similarly, many suppliers report their speed at the "x" level, which is a multiple of 150 KBps (the reading speed of a standard CDROM drive). The 100x card can provide speeds in excess of 14MBps.
If you are planning to purchase a microSD card just to store the data, Please don't keen on cheap one because the microSD with real value is worth choosing.


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