Huawei requests TSMC, the world’s largest wafer foundry, to move a part of wafer production line to mainland!

Source:   Editor: Jessie Update Time :2019-02-20

In order to avoid possible barricade of the US, Huawei requests TSMC, the worlds largest wafer foundry, to move a part of wafer production line to mainland, according to foreign media.

As reports quoted sources, Huawei talked over with TSCM about moving a part of wafer production to fab in Nanjing. In addition, Huawei also expected ASE Group and KYEC to move a part of production line to factories in mainland.

According to CNA, Huawei has asked supply chain vendors the possibility to move most capacity of its Hislicon to mainland successively since January this year, said by unnamed person of Semiconductor industory.


According to sources, related jobs are planned inside Huawei. Huawei asks major supply chain vendors including wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, to move most manufacturing capacity of its Hisilicon to mainland, which covers all kinds of chips.   

During core application vendors conference held by Huawei in Shenzhen, there are 92 core vendors on the list released for the first time, of which there are ten Taiwan companies ranked behind only the US, mainland of China and Japan. These ten companies are TSMC, Largan, MTK, Nanya Technology, Foxconn, WUS Kunshan, Unimicron and TXC.

Analyzing the 2018 core vendors list released by Huawei, its vendors are all around the world. Whats more, American vendors are in majority which is up to 33 advanced companies including Intel, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Oracle, TI, Redhat and Western Digital, followed by 22 companies form mainland, 11 Japanese companies and 10 Taiwan companies.

TSMC responds

In order to handle with possible following actions of the US, Huawei resquests suppliers to move a part of production to mainland in China, which may affect suppliers such as TSMC and ASE Group, said by Nikkei.

Both TSMC snd ASE Group show they wont comment on a single client.

However, TSMC said the Huawei incident has never been concerned by the government of the United States that it is business as usual. Although Huawei is one of ten major client of ASE Group, as the most advanced 7nm technologies are in Taiwan, it is hard for TSMC to move to mainland even performance is poor.

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