Single 32g RGB memory shocked the market, which is made in China and has butcher price. Who dares to compete?

Source:   Editor: Bas Olde Hampsink Update Time :2019-11-21

Single 32g RGB memory shocked the market, which is made in China and has butcher price. Who dares to compete?

It was reported that domestic single 32GB memory finally was listed. It should be mentioned that it is 32 GB memory rather than set products. But the price was reasonable just 145$. Although it's cheaper than foreign brands, it still can't show the power of price butcher. But today it is reported that the same domestic brand has launched a new product. And the price has been directly reduced to 899 yuan, and you can also take part in the full reduction activity. You can get it just 879 yuan. From 138 to 125$, the direct price reduction is 1 / 4, which can be said to be a real big price reduction. What's worse, it's still RGB light bar. The highlight is that is single 32g, RGB light bar and just 120$.

The brand is Asgard, which is a terrible brand. It appears in every the price reduction of new product, such as T-level M.2 SSD price reduction, high-performance M.2 SSD price reduction, high-frequency memory module price reduction and so on. Although its brand name is a little novel, many netizens think it is a foreign brand.But it is a real domestic brand. In fact, many domestic brands have this habit, it is hard to say whether it is right or wrong.

The full name of the product is Asgard Luoji W2 series memory 32G DDR4 2666, which is water cooling standard, light gray and has RGB light bar. In appearance, although it hasn’t beautiful appearance, it has reasonable price. At present, there almost isn’t 32G RGB memory in the market. Foreign brands, such as Samsung, Hynix and other large international factories, although they have launched a single 32g memory for a long time, they are all notebook memory, and it is unavailable in desktop computer . In addition, the 32g single memory in it was stacked forcibly, but it is limited to the motherboard, which can only be used on the high-end motherboard of one brand unavailable in other brands. Although many brands of motherboards have already supported a single 32g memory, there is no memory. So many users with large capacity demand can only wait. Now these problems are directly broken by domestic brands.

As for the latest product, we compare from the price. It has to be said that at present, there is no rival on the market. After all, there are few brands that can produce a single 32g memory. Many brands have not been mass-produced, let alone listed. Even for the products on the market, the price is also high and will not fall below 142$. If you don't believe, you can search online. At present, we can't find any cheaper product with RGB

In addition, the capacity of 32G memory is 32G, which is the same to 8G*4. But the quality is different. Therefore, there is no comparability at all, and it must be compared with the same 32g

Of course, for most users, single 32G memory actually doesn’t suit us. It belongs to specific group, such as big data calculation, rendering and so on. If you play games, two 16G memories may be better than 4 single 32G memories.

In terms of particles, it isn’t clear. After all, it isn’t over frequency memory. So there is no need to tangle the particles. In terms of frequency, it is 2666mhz and the voltage is 1.2V. In terms of after-sales service, it is life-long warranty and replacement maintenance.

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